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Counseling Services

Our goal is to help you clarify your academic and personal goals. Our counselors are committed to your success and deliver a range of services.

Academic Counseling

  • Explore majors, educational choices and set academic goals
  • Get up-to-date information on admissions and transfer requirements
  • Develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for certificate, graduation and/or transfer
  • Address academic and progress probation
  • Get referrals to other support services on campus
  • Certify your IGETC and CSU GE eligibility

Career Counseling

  • Explore career options and paths
  • Learn about different career and college success courses
  • Use career search resources to weigh your options

Personal Counseling

  • Get support in safe, non-judgmental spaces
  • Address personal issues affecting your college success
  • Receive referrals to on-campus and community resources as needed


Reminder: Fall 2020 applicants must update their UC and CSU applications before Jan. 31, 2020.



Students who applied to the UC
must  submit their Transfer Academic Update (TAU) by Friday, Jan.  31, 2020

Students who applied to UC Berkeley MUST ALSO SUBMIT A SEPARATE UC Berkeley academic update which is also due on Jan. 31, 2020.

Students who applied to specialty schools at any UC campus, which require additional supplemental materials (such as a portfolio, essay, or audition), should check with the UC specific program to find out about their varying deadlines.


Students who applied to the CSU system must update their CSU application by Friday, Jan. 31, 2020.


Some CSU's may require students to submit an additional academic update through the specific universities website with varying deadlines, including the following:

CSU Long Beach (Due Jan. 4–Feb. 1, 2020)
San Diego State (Due Jan. 22, 2020)
San Jose State (Due January 30, 2020)
Cal Poly SLO (Due Jan. 15 or 31, 2020, depending on major)

Please check your emails and spam/junk mail for emails from the university to find out if they require an additional update.  Deadlines may vary.

Please make an appointment with a counselor in the Counseling Center or the Transfer Center for assistance.

Our Mission

The mission of the Counseling Division is to help students make appropriate and successful educational decisions, set achievable and realistic goals, adjust to changing roles in a global society and resolve academic, transfer and career concerns that can interfere with the ability to succeed in their college experience.