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Career & Academic Pathways

Find Your Path at Foothill College

asphalt pathway between green lawnsWelcome to our Foothill Community! We offer exciting programs of study to choose from that are organized into seven Career and Academic Pathways (CAPs)—based on areas of interest, career goals, meta majors, and similar coursework.

Explore our CAPs below based on what excites you and inspires your goals. Then make an appointment with a counselor to find the path at Foothill that is best for you.

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Arts & Media

Do you like to creatively express yourself and want to develop your artistic, performance, digital, and communication skills? We are here to support your potential for communication, visual, performing, and media arts.


Do you like to manage projects, teams or money, and help others make financial decisions? We provide theory and practice in marketing, finance, management, accounting, and domestic and international business.

Majors, Degrees & Certificates

  • Accounting Degrees & Certificates
    Choose from our degree and many certificate options!
      • Associate in Arts Degree
      • Certificate of Achievement in Accounting
      • Certificate of Achievement in CPA Examination Preparation
      • Tax Accounting Career Certificate 
      • Financial Accounting Career Certificate 
      • Enrolled Agent Preparation Certificate of Proficiency 
      • Bookkeeping Specialist Certificate of Proficiency 
      • Tax Specialist Certificate of Proficiency
      • Payroll Preparation Certificate of Proficiency 
  • Business Administration Degree & Certificates
      • Associate in Arts Degree (AA)
      • Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T)
      • Certificate of Achievement in Data Analytics
      • Certificate of Achievement in Digital Marketing
  • Enterprise Networking Degrees & Certificates
      • Associate in Science Degree (AS)


Do you enjoy teaching others? Would you like to learn how to be more effective at it? We provide theoretical and practical training in childhood, adolescent, and advanced education.

Majors, Degrees & Certificates

Health Sciences & Wellness

Do you want to make a difference in the physical and physiological health and well-being of your community? We provide hands-on training for careers in medical, dental, public health, athletics and veterinary fields.

Industrial Technology & Building Trades

Do you want to work with both your mind and hands? Do you value craftsmanship? We provide training for high-demand skills to help build and maintain commercial and residential structures, from the bottom up.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Are you curious about the physical and life sciences and want to understand the world around you to make a difference? We provide theory, training and practice in processes and solutions offered by science, technology, engineering, and math.

Society, Culture & Human Development

Do you want to develop ways to formulate, articulate and defend beliefs and values? Are you engaged in community to improve quality of life? We provide an intellectual examination of language, literature, society, culture, politics, and economics.