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Veterans Resource Center

Welcome to the Foothill Veterans Resource Center!




VRC Checklist

These are the steps you need to take each quarter to certify your education benefits. 

VRC Student Responsbility Form

To remain eligible for priority registration and to keep your VA Education Benefits current, you must complete these steps. 

Request for Certification

Certification happens each quarter. This form provides directions on the steps you need to prepare for certification each quarter.  When you are done, be sure to let the SCO know that you are ready to be certified for your education benefit. 


The Veteran Resource Center is a great spot to get what you need. Some days you need to print out a course syllabus get a snack or check in with your education plan with a counselor. Other days you might need to check out a textbook, get a book voucher, or get another snack. After a long road back to a full time student course load, I find myself returning to the VRC just to get a nice kick in the motivation seat. Keeps me laughing and studying.


-Alfredo capps, Army Veteran