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Housing Insecurity Resources

Ways We Can Help

Foothill College recognizes our Housing Insecure and Homeless students are the most vulnerable student population during this time.

We will do our best to provide the most up-to-date resources available to assist you. Please remain patient as we gather new information moment by moment.

We also encourage you to self-refer with the Bill Wilson Center and to  connect with Catholic Charities for house sharing opportunities.

Although both agencies have adapted their coordination to the Shelter in Place orders, both remain open to assist eligible students with establishing stable housing.

Resources If Impacted by COVID-19


Financial Assistance Website for Low-Income Residence SCC

Support Website for Undocument Students

Additional Community Resources Website

Are you a Foothill student who is housing insecure or homeless?

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Don't know?

Housing Insecure and Homelessness Defined

Housing insecure means you are experiencing a set of broad housing issues and risk factors, including frequent moves, crowded living space, poor housing quality, or the inability to afford rent or bills.

Homelessness means you are absent of  a place to live, which includes if you are living in a shelter, vehicle or abandoned structure.

If any of the above describes your housing situation, our Homeless Student Support Program can help!

Homeless Student Support Program

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April Henderson (pictured at left), director of  EOPS/CARE & the  Foothill College Homeless Student Program, has joined  forces with two Silicon Valley housing partners to help our students in need of housing.

Our Partners

The Bill Wilson Center

The Bill Wilson Center will assist students who are homeless or at risk of being homeless with immediate rental support.

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County (CCSCC)

We are partnering with CCSCC to find shared housing opportunities specifically for Foothill College students. CCSCC can match you with safe and affordable housing options.


Do you have a spare room to rent?

Sign up for our house sharing program!

Learn more

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Get Help Now

100-Day Challenge

If you are a Foothill College student at risk of losing housing or are currently homeless . . .

Complete the BW Referral Form

The 100-Day Challenge is a collaborative effort of Santa Clara County partners, including Foothill College, led by the Bill Wilson Center, dedicated to meeting the housing needs of area college students. Although not limited to, the goal is to house 100 college students in 100 days.

For More Information

Please contact April Henderson at She'll help connect you with the services that you need!

April knows that in some cases families move away from the South Bay due to the high cost of living while they still have a child in college.

If you are housing insecure, you are not alone.

- April Henderson

Students in that situation who stay to complete their studies often can’t find affordable housing. There are many reasons a student may find themselves on the brink of homelessness.

April is excited to directly serve students facing housing insecurity and  get them the services they need.

If you are a Foothill College student military veteran, also contact our Veterans Resource Center to learn about the  Foothill College Veterans Housing Assistance Fund

More Referrals & Partners to Come

We are currently building our housing  referrals and partnership list. 

If you know of organizations within your community that may help to house  college students or programs you have benefitted from, please contact April C. Henderson at


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