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Math Assessment

Math placement at Foothill College is about choice. Based on your educational goals, Foothill offers a variety of transfer level and non-tranfer level courses open to all students without the need for an assessment. 

Speak with a counselor to determine what math course is best for your based on your major and educational goals.

Open Access Math Courses

  • Math 180 Quantitative Reasoning Skills
  • Math 105 Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 217 Integrated Statistics I
  • Math 10 Statistics
  • Math 42 Elementary School Teacher Math
  • Math 44 Liberal Arts Math
  • Math 48A + 248A Pre-calculus I+ Co-requisite

Assessment Required

  • Math 48A Pre-calculus I
  • Math 48B Pre-calculus II
  • Math 48C Pre-calculus III
  • Math 12 Business Calculus
  • Math 22 Discrete Math
  • Math 1A Calculus

If you are a STEM major or require Pre-calculus to Calculus as part of your education plan, an assessment for placement is required. 

How You are Placed

Placement into Pre-calculus I, II, III, Business Calculus, Discrete Math or Calculus I is based on high school transcript evaluation or guided self-placement.

  • If you are a domestic student or your high school used an American style 4.0 scale grade point average (GPA) grading system, email or drop off an unofficial copy of your high school transcripts to the Testing and Assessment Center (Rm 8212) for evaulation.
  • If you did not go to high school in the United States, never attended high school anywhere, or your high school transcripts are unavailable. Come to the Testing and Assessment Center to complete a guided self-placement for Math.
  • If you have transfer credit from another college/university or Advanced Placement (AP) scores please complete a Prerequisite Clearance Form.


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