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Assessment for Placement

Math Assessment

Math placement at Foothill College is about choice. Based on your educational goals, Foothill offers a variety of transfer level and non-transfer level courses open to all students without the need for an assessment.  

Your major will dictate how much math you would need to take. Speak with a counselor to determine what math course is best for you based on your major and educational goals.

Open Access Math Courses

Self-guided placements are not necessary for math courses listed below. However, it is highly recommended to speak with a counselor to choose the right math course based on your educational goals.

Select Goal for Recommended Math Courses

Earn an Associate Degree—AA/AS or Any Foothill Allied Health Program


Math 40A + Math 240A - Quantitative Reasoning + Co-requisite

Any course listed under "Transfer to University"

Transfer to University—AA/AS for Transfer and BS for Dental Hygiene

Statistics - Math 10

Math for Elementary School School Teachers - Math 42

Liberal Arts Math - Math 44

Precalculus I + Coreq - Math 48A + Math 248A

Prepare for College-level Math

Quantitative Reasoning - Math 40A + Math 240A Coreq



See a counselor to help you choose the appropriate math course.

Math Courses Requiring Assessment

An assessment is required for placement into  the following courses:

NOTE: Placement is based on high school transcript information and/or guided self-placement. If you are a STEM major or require Precalculus to Calculus as part of your education plan, an assessment for placement is required. 

Precalculus II - Math 48B

Precalculus III - Math 48C

Business Calculus - Math 12

Calculus - Math 1A



How You are Placed

Placement into Pre-calculus II, III, Business Calculus, or Calculus I is based on high school transcript evaluation or guided self-placement.

  • If you are a domestic student or your high school used an US-Standard 4.0 scale grade point average (GPA) grading system, review your placement in your MyPortal account.
  • If you did not go to high school in the United States, never attended high school anywhere, or your high school transcripts are unavailable, email to complete a guided self-placement for Math.
  • If you have transfer credit from another college/university or Advanced Placement (AP) scores, please complete a Prerequisite Clearance Form.


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