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The President’s Medal is awarded at the annual commencement ceremony to first-time degree recipients with a 4.0 GPA in all college coursework, including 60 resident units at Foothill.

Please join me in honoring these amazing medalists and their families throughout the years.

Female graduate holding medal next to parents

2022–2023 Medal Recipients

  • Astrid Chevallier, AA-T, Studio Arts
  • Yatindran Dilip, AA, Communication Studies
  • George Franks, AA, Accounting
  • Shaan Fulton, AA-T, Economics
  • Alekos Nalu Kapur, AA-T, Anthropology
  • Shuji Kato, AA, Graphic and Interactive Design
  • Daisy Larios, AS-T, Business Administration
  • Maya Marquez-Garcia, AA-T, Psychology; AA-T, Sociology
  • William Nguyen, AA-T, Economics
  • Natalie Renee Risso, AA-T, Sociology
  • Reva Shah, AA-T, Communication Studies
  • Kirsten Takeshima, AS-T, Biology
  • Lydia Watson, AA-T, Art History; AA-T, Studio Arts
  • Adrian Youngquist, AS-T, Mathematics

two male graduates holding diplomas

2021-2022 Medal Recipients

  • Eden Amsellem, AA-T, Communication Studies
  • Joseph Black, AA-T, Economics
  • Michelle Chen, AA, Sociology
  • Caroline Croce, AS-T, Film, Television, and Electronic Media
  • Aliza Desiatnik, AA-T, Kinesiology
  • Baylie Jett Mills, AA-T, Communication Studies; AA-T, English
  • Kristen Li, AS-T, Mathematics
  • Alexander Li-Wang Ling, AA, Music Technology; AS-T, Film, Television, and Electronic Media
  • Jason Nguyen, AS-T, Biology
  • Briana Michelle Ramos Wagener, AA, AA-T, Psychology
  • Tuba Sengermag, AA-T, Psychology
  • Siyi Song, AS-T, Physics
  • Jennifer Ta, AS-T, Public Health Science
  • Paige Leeanne Walker, AA-T, English
  • Lugene Youssef, AS-T, Business Administration


  • Xinhao Chen, AS-T, Physics
  • Ryan Dautel, AS-T, Public Health Science
  • Charles Fuad, AS-T, Public Health
  • Marjun Grewal, AA-T, Communication Studies
  • Amber Lim, AA-T, English
  • Alyssa Magde, AS-T, Mathematics
  • Jamine Pal, AS-T, Business Administration
  • Phong Phan, AA, Music Technology; AS-T, Film,
  • Television, and Electronic Media
  • Yinan Qiao, Psychology for Transfer
  • Alexander Ross, Graphic and Interactive Design
  • Ruoquing Song, Political Science for Transfer
  • Priya Vasu, Psychology for Transfer
  • Kaitlyn Vo, Psychology for Transfer
  • Jiaan Xu, Computer Science for Transfer
  • Sohee Yoon, Sociology for Transfer


  • Hooman Afzalzadeh, AA-T, Communication Studies
  • Hoi Yang Chan, AA-T, Economics
  • Chretien S Chiang, AS-T, Public Health Science
  • Man Hei Cheung, AA, Sociology
  • Jerly De Guzman, AS-T, Biology
  • Ron Kharmach, AA-T, Psychology
  • Jonathan Lam, AA-T, Psychology
  • Nathalya Mendes, AS-T, Biology
  • Devon Mirsalis, AA, AA-T, Psychology
  • Aika Mori, AA-T, Psychology
  • Anastasios Muhalis, AA-T, Anthropology; AA-T, Political Science; Sociology
  • Natalia Ruvalcaba, AS-T, Physics
  • Elena Shain, AS-T, Public Health Science
  • Youlan Shen, AA-T, English
  • Ziqi Sun, AS-T, Business Administration
  • Long Tang,
  • Hao Xu, AS-T, Physics


  • Ajaibir Deol, Computer Science
  • Monica Goulette, AA-T, Communication Studies
  • Ashnee Gounden, Political Science for Transfer
  • Omer Katz, AS-T Biology
  • Kannon Pearson, AA General Studies, Social Science
  • Brendan Swing,
  • Mai Toyokawa,
  • Junfeng Zhong, AA-T, Sociology


  • Wing Ki Chan, AA Sociology
  • Linh Dinh, Psychology for Transfer
  • Conner Hobson, Mathematics for Transfer
  • Daniel Jacobson, AA, Economics; Business Administration for Transfer
  • Julianna Kirkpatrick, Computer Science for Transfer; Mathematics for Transfer
  • Sean O’Hara, Child and Adolescent Development for Transfer
  • Emma Sternfield, Political Science for Transfer
  • Gbocho Masato Terasaki, AA, Music: General
  • Cassey Vargas, Mathematics for Transfer
  • Meixuan Xiao, AA, Graphic and Interactive Design


  • David Dawson-Bowman, Theatre Arts for Transfer
  • Yuqing Lu , Psychology for Transfer, AA, General Studies: Social Science
  • Eliana Roberts, Computer Science for Transfer
  • Sheira Sarfaty, Psychology for Transfer
  • Jane Jayne Seow, Business Administration for Transfer
  • Ren Yi Wang, Business Administration for Transfer


  • Kwan Po Chen, Mathematics for Transfer
  • Taylor Patrick Harrington, Public Health Science for Transfer
  • Shuk Ying Lam, Communication Studies for Transfer
  • Jackson W. Larango, Economics for Transfer
  • Seunghyeon Yoo, Theatre Arts for Transfer


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