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Midterm Report 2021

The college's Midterm Report is due October 15, 2021 to the ACCJC.


Midterm Report 2021









Midterm Report Study Group

Team Members

Anthony Cervantes, Roosevelt Charles, Isaac Escoto, Doreen Finkelstein, Laura Gamez, Kelaiah Harris, Kurt Hueg, Elaine Kuo, Kristy Lisle, Leticia Maldonado, Kathryn Maurer, Bruce Mc Leod, Rosa Nguyen, Josh Pelletier, Simon Pennington, Laurie Scolari, Vanessa Smith



  • Fall 2020: Onboarding Team Members
  • Winter 2021: Identify Evidence and Processes
  • Spring 2021: Writing, Constituency Feedback
  • Summer 2021: Board Approval
  • Fall 2021: Report Submission

Midterm Report Components

  • Institutional Set Standards
  • Student Learning Outcomes
  • Team Recommendations
  • Improvement Areas
  • Participatory Governance
  • Educational Pathways
  • Fiscal Report

Meeting Information


12/4/20 DRAFT
1/28/21 DRAFT
3/11/21 DRAFT  
4/22/21 DRAFT  

2017 Self-Evaluation Report & QFE

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