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2023 Institutional Self-Evaluation Report Rough Draft

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No experience with accreditation is necessary to provide feedback.

2023 ISER Cover Page

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ISER Feedback Form

Feedback Due by Friday, November 17, 2023

If there are questions, email

Feedback Guidelines

Review the DRAFT ISER for the following:

  • Ensure information, processes, procedures described are accurate (as of 2022-23).
  • Identify new/emerging information, processes, procedures that were implemented (or in process of implementation) since Fall 2022.
  • Highlight sections/narratives that are unclear.
  • Indicate any formatting inconsistencies.
  • Note any web links issues.

Thank You for Your Participation

We appreciate your time and attention to helping make sure the final report is accurate for those areas of Foothill College that you know best!

For more information about the ISER development process, visit the Accreditation Reaffirmation 2023 page.

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