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Mission Informed Planning Council

Mission Informed Planning Council Overview

Meeting Information

The Mission Informed Planning Council meets twice a month on the first and third Fridays from 1-3 p.m. in the Administration Conference Room (1901) during the regular academic year. Council meetings are open to all. Meetings are suspended in summer.  

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Agendas & Minutes

Council Members

Operating Procedures


Purpose & Purview

  • Advise and consult with the President in college-wide governance issues and overall institutional planning from a mission-focused perspective
  • Assure the College’s Vision, Core Values, Purpose and Mission are embodied in the decision-making process
  • Oversee the College’s strategy and execution of the Educational Equity Master Plan, which embodies the Strategic Vision for Equity
  • Review strategic plans to ensure they align with the college vision and mission
  • Develop and operationalize collegewide guiding principles for strategic and tactical decision-making with respect to allocation of human, physical, and financial resources and measures of success or effectiveness

How We Operate

The Mission Informed Planning Council (MIP-C) operates with a set of Guiding Principles and Operating Principles. They are as folllows:

Guiding Principles

  • Shared leadership: leadership is a collective activity of the entire group
  • Mission focused: our focus is on the mission of the college rather than on agendas of particular constituency groups
  • The Council and its members embody core values of the college
  • The work of the Council is at the mission & strategy levels of decision-making not at the tactical level
  • Members will consciously and intentionally deliberate with focus on the following college mission areas with respect to both contributions from and impact on campus constituencies
  • The Council’s membership is Inclusive with a commitment to expertise and stakeholder representation
  • The work of Council is to ensure all members feel heard
  • Because of the potential of power dynamics, the Council will work to foster empowerment and inclusivity of all members
  • All members are committed to being a fully functioning member of the group according to their role on the Council
  • Assure open communication and fully participatory and consultative dialogue
  • Use consensus=based decision-making
  • The Council’s activities will be conducted in such a way to foster an open and transparent communication with the campus
  • Be accountable for the decisions made
  • Onboard all members with an orientation to member responsibilities and background preparation on the College’s Values, Purpose, Mission and understanding of Vision: Strategy: Tactics and their respective objectives and differences

Operating Principles

  • To assure collegiality, the Council will operate with consensus-based decision-making
  • Every member that is a part of the decision making has access to information, space, time that will help them contribute to the discussion
  • Agenda setting is an open and transparent process, including public calls for topics, space on every agenda for public (open) comment/hearings
  • Agenda items will be limited to those that require decisions or guidance at the mission/strategic level, not the tactical level
  • There will be periodic self-reflection and opportunity for community input and accountability to assure the Council is operating as intended (see Guiding Principles)
  • The Council’s activities will be conducted in such a way to foster an open and transparent communication with the campus
  • Members will practice active listening; the chair will implement a practice to check in with members who have not had an opportunity to contribute to the discussion
  • There is a secretary or recorder for minutes
    • Document topic, nature of discussion, action
    • Full recording and/or notes will be made public
  • Guidelines will be developed to assure openness about communication of decisions to the public
  • Members shall review the agenda and engage in active participation at each meeting, and uphold their commitments for action items and follow-up, including carrying out assigned tasks

Council Membership (21)

MIP-C membership includes 21 representatives from our campus community, including college president, students, staff and faculty, as listed below. See current members for 2023-2024.


  • Associated Students at Foothill College (ASFC): Student Trustee, Student Body President, 1 other elected member, 1 appointed member, 1 affinity group member (5)
  • Classified Senate, past and current presidents, and president-elect (3)
  • Academic Senate president, vice-president, one part-time faculty rep (3)
  • College President (1)
  • Unions: FA (1), Teamsters (1), ACE (1), AMA (1) — (4)

Affinity Network Representation

  • OLA (1)
  • AAN (1)
  • APAN (1)
  • LGBTQ (1)

Recorder & Council Support

The recorder is responsible for meeting scheduling, room set up, including Zoom, note-taking, web page development and updates, dissemination of agendas/minutes/other supporting documents.

These duties will be the responsibility of the president’s office, and more specifically, administrative support will be done by the executive assistant, and the note-taking, web updates, and dissemination of all council proceedings through Parliament and other means, will be the responsibility of the associate vice president for communications, marketing, and outreach. 




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