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Foothill College Parliament

Governance Updates

Advisory Council
The 1/18 and 2/1 Advisory Council meetings were devoted to the Phase II budget reduction and administrative reorganization proposals. 1/18 was a first read; Bret Watson provided a detailed analysis of the proposed budget cuts ($6.14 million) and Elias Regalado, Melissa Cervantes, Teresa Ong, Paul Starer, Laureen Balducci, and Simon Pennington shared the proposed new organizational charts with the committee. The committee members asked questions about the proposals and were requested to confer with their colleagues and bring questions back on 2/8.
The 2/8 meeting was given over to a discussion of the 1/18 proposals. The conversation centered around the idea of the Hub, but also touched on whether or not other options might be viable as well. President Nguyen presented a revised proposal (with three distinct options) and the group debated the merits of each option and the actual budget reduction process itself. The Council meeting ended with the group agreeing to take these proposals to their constituents for further discussion.

Community & Communication 
The Community and Communications committee met on January 28th, 2018. We broke into small groups to each focus on one of the three questions/topics that were given to the committee at the beginning of the year:
  • How the college facilities may be organized to promote community among students and among faculty/staff in collaboration with the Revenue and Resources Committee.
    • Action items were: make contact with R&R Committee and learn more about their vision and how to work together
    • Possibly report and share by next CCC meeting.
  • How the college can "promote consistent and clear communication in order to create a more informed, cohesive and engaged community".
    • Ideas were to create two separate websites marketed towards Students and Faculty/Staff, respectively.
    • Determine a workflow to push and ID pertinent emails based on recipient (i.e., student, faculty, staff, etc)
    • Use more community assets and marketing assets to share information.
    • Defined internal vs. external community.
    • No action items set, but want to involve Marketing Dept. more
  • What the college's focus/priority may be as it relates to EMP goals:
    • Encourage student participation in leadership and activities outside the classroom (including service/work-based learning) that engages students with the College and the community. (Service Leadership)
    • Provide effective on-boarding, support and professional development for all college employees. (professional development strategy plan?)
    • Encourage employee participation in leadership and activities that engage them with the College and the community. (as related to Service Leadership?)
    • Increase lifelong learning opportunities for our community. (Celebrity Forum and Service Leadership?)
    • Promote decision-making that respects the diverse needs of the entire college community. (evaluate new governance design) 
Resources & Revenue
Resources & Revenue (R&R) meetings have reviewed and discussed the following: (1) existing funding streams (e.g. Strong Workforce/CTE; facilities rental); (2) changing funding streams (e.g. Student Centered Funding Formula); (3) the committee charge (ongoing); (4) the formation of a bookstore study group (to examine the bookstore deficit); and (5) a proposal for the annual budget resource request timeline and process (in process). For the latter, R&R aims to form a subgroup in spring quarter with appointees based on positions responsible for the various funding streams to review and prioritize the resource requests. All documents are available at at the R&R website.
Equity & Education
The E &E committee last met on 2/1/19. The committee discussed the 2nd version of the value statement for the honors program in addition to revised entry & exit criteria for the honors program. E & E gave feedback on the value statement and approved the new entry criteria to take honors courses. The co-directors of the honors program will clarify the exit criteria and bring it back to E & E for a vote at the March meeting. 

The Equity Office gave a PowerPoint presentation on where they're at with evaluating the Student Equity Plan 1.0. And, Donna Miranda gave an overview of Dual Enrollment and solicited feedback on writing a value statement for this program to be included in SEP 2.0.

Guided Pathways Update

Hi Foothill Community,
Many of you might remember the opening day activity in which we began to explore the concept of Guided Pathways as a campus. Since then, our team has been hard at work exploring how we might implement a Guided Pathways model at Foothill College. Below you can see an update of the different activities and efforts that have been unfolding. If you're interested in getting more involved in Guided Pathways efforts on campus and haven't already let us know, please email Rosa Nguyen (nguyenrosa@fhda.edu), Katie Ha (hakatie@fhda.edu), or Benjamin Armerding (armerdingbenjamin@fhda.edu). In the future, you will find a monthly update much like this in the Parliament.
We hope to hear from you!
Rosa, Katie, and Ben


During the spring quarter, the Guided Pathways (GP) team first began meeting to explore a process for implementing a GP framework at Foothill College.
  • May 12, 2018: Attended an ASCCC Guided Pathways event at Evergreen Valley College
  • Began communicating with discipline faculty, counselors, and deans to explore a process for mapping ADTs
  • Scheduled two Brown Bag workshops - Postponed due to Work-to-Contract
  • Planned "Opening Day" campus workshop for Guided Pathways
  • Drafted Guided Pathways Work Plan for 2018-19 academic year
Following best practices informed by GP research at other institutions, we planned that the first year of GP work (Fall 2018, Winter and Spring 2019) should focus on inquiry - a process by which groups across campus are engaged as much as possible to understand the work we do, how students experience that work, and the extent to which Guided Pathways can help improve student success. In parallel, individuals across the campus have opportunities to understand and develop a vested interest in GP and participate in the process of design and implementation.

FALL 2018

  • Opening Day: Involved faculty, classified staff, and administrators in an activity designed around recognizing the need for a GP framework at Foothill College. At the end of this activity, we collected a large list of interested staff, faculty, and admins.
  • Performed a first round of focus groups with Counselors, some Student Services, and Students to begin identifying challenges related to the GP pillars: Clarify the Path, Enter the Path, Stay on the Path, and Ensure Learning.
  • Completed initial sketches of ADT maps for Psychology, Sociology, Business, Computer Science, English, and Biology. These initial sketches were made in collaboration with discipline faculty, deans, articulation officer, counselor, and researcher.
  • Sought new faculty lead to help plan and facilitate GP efforts.

WINTER 2019 - in progress

We plan to continue engaging more of the campus in exploring GP and will begin developing a Mission Statement and a Values statement.
Recruited two new faculty leads, Katie Ha and Rosa Nguyen

In progress: Perform focus groups with students and with learning communities to further explore strengths and challenges in the 4 pillars

Feb 22: A half day GP Summit during which groups from across the campus are invited to learn about and discuss feedback from the various focus groups conducted during Fall 2018 and Winter 2019. Our goal is to draft a "Problem Statement" which defines what we as an institution believe to be the problem for which GP might serve as a solution

March 15: A second half-day GP Summit to involve the campus in developing a Mission and Values statement to inform our future GP planning.

Continue to develop ADT maps and collaborate with counselors to turn initial sketches of the Biology ADT map into a first draft, while being mindful of the many nuances/variations students must consider when transfer planning

Food Pantry
The Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) is beginning the process of developing its budget for the 2019-2020 academic year. ASFC provides funding based on its annual Mission-Based Budgeting GuidelinesThe deadline to submit ASFC budget requests is Tuesday, January 29, 2019 and the hearings will start on February 5, 2019.
ASFC welcomes requests from various areas, particularly those that might reduce and directly impact students. College employees may support student presenters, but only the students who are benefited by the programs will be allowed to submit the budget request form and present during the hearing process.
Please submit completed requests to the ASFC Secretary in the Student Government Office (Room 2011). Feel free to contact the ASFC Vice President of Finance at ASFC.NathanL@gmail.com, or the Director of Student Activities, Daphne Small, x7218.
Additional request forms are available in the Students Account Office (Room 2005).
Fundraiser for Veterans Resource Center
Buy tickets now for the Los Altos Rotary Cioppino Dinner and Auction benefiting the Foothill College Veterans Resource Center, the Captain Matt Manoukian Scholarships and book vouchers for Foothill College Veteran Students. 
Get ready to have the best cioppino you've ever tasted!  Crab, prawns and clams in a rich, thick, tomato sauce. 
Don't like fish?  There will also be a delicious lasagna from Alotta's Deli.
TICKET FOR A VET?  You can buy an extra ticket to pay for a Foothill College Student Veteran to attend the Cioppio Feed.  See below for details.
Where:  Shoup Park Garden House 
              400 University Avenue, Los Altos, 94022
When:   Friday March 8, 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Cost:     $75 per person (tax-deductible)
Menu:   Caesar Salad, Cioppino, Lasagne, French Bread,
              Soft Drinks and Wine Served, or BYOB.
Buy a ticket at losaltosrotary.org. If questions, email Ron Labetich (labetich@gmail.com).
Guided Pathways Campus Summit
Hi Foothill Community!

You're invited to participate in a half day summit to explore Guided Pathways on Friday, February 22, from 8:30am-12:30pm in the Toyon room. During our session we will share and discuss information collected from focus groups conducted in the Fall and Winter and begin to craft campus goals and plans for the coming year.

As we endeavor to engage the entire Foothill community in helping us determine the best way to implement Guided Pathways as a way to support our students, we hope you will be able to join us. 
For more information, please contact Rosa Nguyen, Ben Armerding, and Katie Ha.