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Associated Students of Foothill College

Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC)

COVID-19 Campus Update

Watch the Campus Council meeting from 1/13/22 to hear from Foothill College administration on how our campus is responding to COVID-19/Omicron for the health and safety of students.


We Are Your Voice in Action

As a student of Foothill College, you are a member of the Associated Students of Foothill College, known as ASFC. 

Campus Council — the official name of your student government — manages the affairs of ASFC.

The goal of ASFC Campus Council is to give a voice to all students, enabling YOU  to become an integral part of the college community.

ASFC Campus Council Responsibilities

Some of our roles include: appointing students to shared governance councils and committees to develop Foothill College policies and annual budgets, funding programs and projects through the annual ASFC budget, student advocacy, providing and administering a program of activities and services for students. 

ASFC Campus Council Meetings

ASFC Campus Council meets weekly on THURSDAYS from 2–4 p.m. VIRTUALLY via ZOOM through May. 

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The ASFC Campus Council meetings resume in Fall 2021 weekly on Thursday from 2-4 PM. More information

Meet Fatai

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2021-2022 ASFC President Fatai Heimuli

Campus Center, Upper Level, Room 2013



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