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Inter Club Council (ICC) and Clubs

Planning an Event

Hosting Club Events during Campus Closure

Due to the Corvid-19 Quarantine, clubs may not host in-person events or meetings. Clubs may request to host events virtually, but can not buy food/request delivery for participants using club funds. Events that were planned before the quarantine must either be moved to a virtual setting or cancelled. Future events must be hosted in a virtual setting. 

Furthermore, clubs must email the the Chair of ICC (Joshua Contreras), and the Student Activities Specialist (Erin Ortiz), any plans for future events. This includes both clubs that want to move their previously planned events to a virtual space and clubs planning new events.

When trying to create any event, the first step is to meet with your advisor, club members, and the Student Activities Specialist in order to plan out the event. When planning your event, make sure to have:

a. Plan of Activity

This includes food, advertising, planned venue, etc.

b. Purpose of the Event

Why is this event meaningfull to your club, and how do you think it will benefit those who attend

c. Planned Cost and Cost Breakdown

How much is your club willing to spend on this event. ICC provides ~$1700 to clubs through various grants. If your cost exceeds your current balance, how will your club gennerate the leftover costs?

d. Location and Time

Where and when will your event take place. Clubs may host events on campus by booking a room, the cafeteria, or the hearthside lounge through the Student Activities Specialist. 

e. Estimated Number of Participants

When creating an event, we hope that the club is trying to invite those  outside of the club into their event, leading to a more interconnected campus. The more the merrier!

Once you have all of these items more or less hashed out, please fill out the ICC Activity Petition in order to gain the school's aproval to host the event. If you are also requesting funds, you must fill out the ICC Fund Request as well. 

ICC and the ICC Advisor does not recognise any club sponsored event that did not have their official Activity Petition passed durring the weekly ICC meeting

Benefits to Hosting an Official Event

Clubs can use a variety of the support systems that ICC and ASFC provide to students. This includes event spaces and venues, funding for catering and materials, advertisment services through ASFC and the Smart Shop, and planning help through our Student Activities Specialist.

Furthermore, the ASFC itself is willing to help fund, plan, and provide manpower for your event.

Clubs who use these services oftentimes have an easier time planning and executing their events, so the ICC fully recommends you  work with the ICC and the Student Activities Specialist in order to take advantage of these services.

ICC Guidelines to Hosting an Event 

However, when planning your event, make sure to follow the rules and guidelines that the school imposes on events. 

The ICC Activity Petition functions as both a notice to ICC of your plans, as well as a venue booking request. If you planned to book a venue outside of your original club room, the Student Activites Specialist will help you book the venue after the Activity Petition's approval

If your club is hoping to bring food to the event, the club can only bring catering. No potlucks/homemade food that is meant to be shared is allowed. In the case of catering, the club must attach a health permit and business license to their Activity Petition.

No alcohol/illicit substances are allowed during any club events. The advisor or an appointed faculty member must be on site at the event during its duration. 

Any contracts must be handled by the club's advisor, the Student Accounts Manager, and the Student Activities Specialist. Students and/or clubs are not allowed to handle/make contracts.

For specific types of events, there are additional guidelines to follow

Guest Speakers

For events that involve guest speakers, the club must work with the Student Activities Specialist in order to procure a guest speaker contract to compensate them for their time. This needs to be done at least a month before the planned event. If the guest speaker is doing the event for no fee, this is not needed.

However, clubs may not award the guest speaker for their time through the use of club funds (Clubs may not buy gifts for the speaker using their account).


Fundraisers have a strict timeline and set of guidelines that must be followed. Failure to follow these guidelines may lead to your club being placed on probation or completely shut down. Because of this, it is required for clubs wishing to create a fundraiser to work intimately with both the Student Activities Specialist and the Student Accounts Manager during both the planning and the execution of the fundraiser. 

Kamara Tramble


Dances / Ticketed Events

Clubs that wish to host a dance or a ticketed event must hire the foothill police to patrol the event. The cost for hiring the FH Police is arround $500.  More information about hosting a dance may be found in the ICC handbook

Day / Field Trips

Clubs that wish to hold day trips and field trips must fill out both a Student Field Trip form for the club and individual liability forms for the atendants. Students may arange their own transportation to the trip site, or may pay to charter additional transportation services 


Conferences and trips that are longer than a day trip. When planning for a conference, clubs may request more funding from the ASFC Finance Board and their fund request. More information can be found by meeting with the ASFC Vice President of Finance or the Student Accounts Manager.

Additional Forms for Guidance

ICC has created checklists and planning forms that can help you better plan your event. By using these forms, your plans will be easier to follow and execute. 


Campus clubs are funded by the Inter Club Council (ICC) through the ASFC OwlCard quarterly basic fee. Each club is required to send a voting representative to the weekly ICC meeting to maintain account and voting access.

FALL 2020

ICC meets on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. For Zoom access, email Erin Ortiz at

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Joshua Contreras, VP of ICC

ASFC Office is working virtually through Fall 2020

Student Activities Office Contact

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