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ANNOUNCEMENT: For those who have been given special permission to start paperwork throughout the of May to Activate/Reactivate their club, the last day to do so is May 18 (due 24 hours prior to the 3 p.m. ICC meeting). In general, we only allow club Activation/Reactivation during the first month of the quarter.  The last meeting of the school year for ICC is May 25th. ICC also has a recess day on May 11, 2021, there will be no weekly meeting.

 What is ICC?

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The Inter Club Council (ICC) is Foothill College’s club government council. The ICC members gather weekly in a meeting to present paperwork and collaborate. The ICC club community, collaboration, culture, and communication hub is a retention board for clubs to make announcements, experience club cross-collaboration, and host equity, engagement, and empowerment guest speakers. It allows the open door for students to learn, practice, and enhance basic business practices, power skills, communications, cultural competency, financing, event coordinating, parliamentary, and much more!

Throughout Foothill College’s history, ICC has had over 250 clubs, with an average of 100 per school with an average of 50 in Fall, 60 in Winter, and 70 in Spring Quarter. Historically, clubs include different focuses such as academic, career, cultural, departmental, educational, empowerment, equity, recreational, religious, social, and special interest.

What is an ICC Representative?

The ICC Rep. is a currently enrolled Foothill College student leader (who has paid their OwlCard fee) who is elected or appointed to be the public information office for the club and the contact sheet public contact person. Initially, the ICC Rep. is the self-appointed person who submits the Activation/Re Form and presents their club for initial activation/reactivation (within the first 4-5 weeks of the quarter). After becoming a club, all have 4 weeks to brainstorm and create or revisit their constitution to create positions, a more elaborated purpose statement, perks and membership requirements if beyond the ICC Rep.

ICC Reps. present ICC Fund Requests and Activity Petitions (2 weeks prior to the event date) during the weekly ICC meetings. All paperwork is due completed 24 hours prior to meeting via SmartSheets.

How do I start a club?

First, enroll at Foothill College and pay your OwlCard Student ID fees which funds our sponsor, the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) and our beloved clubs. Then, see if it is already active, via the current club contact sheet and join it! If not, see if it is on the all inclusive list which includes the past 220 clubs that have had accounts, the All Past and Current Club List. If it is there, you can reactivate it. If not, you can use the same form to activate it. All new clubs have an account open and $50 start up funds placed in it after they submit their constitution within the first month of existing.

ICC Meetings for Spring 2021

Complete Activation Form

In order to maintain an active status during the campus shutdown, all clubs are required to complete this form

Activate / Reactivate Your Club

RSVP by Email for ICC Virtual Meeting Access

ICC meets weekly Tuesdays at 3 p.m., typically not during the week before finals and never during finals week or the break, via Zoom, as the Foothill campus will continue to be virtual until further notice.


For Zoom access,  please email Erin Ortiz at with your first and last name from your portal, CWID and club name.

Virtual Campus Events

See our Campus Events Calendar for our upcoming virtual events.

Activate, Reactivate or Join a Club

ICC Club Government 5 Steps to Success

Follow these 5 steps in order to create and run a successful club! 



If there is a club you want to activate that is not on the All Past and Current Clubs List, please complete the ICC Club Activation/Reactivation form.

To join a club anytime, contact the ICC Rep. to ask when they allow new members and what the membership and voting rights requirments are as indicated on their consitution, via the Active Club List. NOTE: The list will be updated after the first ICC meeting of each quarter.


Complete the Activation/Reactivation Form found in the ICC Handbook after obtaining signatures of five preliminary members. Recruit a faculty/staff member to be an advisor. They would need to agree to attend official club meetings, club events, and be responsible for signing off on budget and paperwork items.


Appoint a representative who will be the responsible student leader who will attend weekly ICC meetings. The representative's weekly leadership role is to be the public relations representative, to process and present activity and funding paperwork, and to give weekly reports to and from the club. 


Join a Club — See Club List


Campus clubs are funneled through and funded by the Inter-Club Council (ICC) through the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) OwlCard quarterly basic fee. Each club is required to send a voting representative to the weekly ICC meeting to maintain voting and account access.


ICC meets on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. For Zoom access, email Erin Ortiz at

Campus Center

Contact Me!

Fatai Heimuli, ICC Secretary

Our ASFC Office is open virtually.

Student Activities Office Contact

ERIN ORTIZ, Student Activities Specialist and ICC Advisor


  • M-TH: 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
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