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Virtual Club Day Winter 2021

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Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 1-2:30 p.m.

Join the Winter 2021 Club Day via zoom for a  virtual club community event!

Participate in Q&A sessions and presentations with our fantastic Winter Foothill College Inter Club Council (ICC) and our beloved nearly 30 clubs! See our list of clubs  It will remain similar in winter.

The Winter 2021 list will be available after our first two ICC meetings when the fall clubs attend and other students submit  Winter activation/reactivation forms.

To gain access, you must register first.

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What is ICC?

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The Inter Club Council (ICC) is Foothill's club government council. The ICC board and ICC voting representative student leaders approve club activations and reactivations, fund requests, and activity petitions at the weekly ICC meeting.

The ICC club community, collaboration, culture and communication hub is also a retention venue for clubs and the public to make announcements, club cross collaboration.  It allows the open door for students to learn, practice and enhance basic business practices, power skills, communications, cultural competency, financing, event coordinating, parliamentary and much more!

Throughout history, ICC has included 250 clubs, 100 per school year and more than 70 per quarter, including academic, career, cultural, educational, empowerment, recreational, religious, social and special interest.

ICC Meetings for Winter 2021

Complete Activation Form

In order to maintain an active status during the campus shutdown, all clubs are required to complete this form

Activate / Reactivate Your Club

RSVP by Email for ICC Virtual Meeting Access

ICC meets weekly on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. via Zoom, as the Foothill campus will continue to be virtual for fall.


For Zoom access,  please email Erin Ortiz at

Virtual Campus Events

See our Campus Events Calendar for our upcoming virtual events.

Activate, Reactivate or Join a Club

ICC Club Government 5 Steps to Success

Follow these 5 steps in order to create and run a successful club! 



If there is a club you want to activate that is not on the All Past Clubs List, please complete the ICC Club Activation/Reactivation form.

To join a club anytime, contact the ICC Rep on the Active Club List. NOTE: The list will be updated after the first ICC meeting of each quarter.


Complete the Activation/Reactivation Form found in the ICC Handbook after obtaining signatures of five preliminary members. Recruit a faculty/staff member to be an advisor. They would need to agree to attend official club meetings, club events, and be responsible for signing off on budget and paperwork items.


Appoint a representative who will be the responsible student leader who will attend weekly ICC meetings, Tuesdays 3 p.m. in the Campus Center, Toyon Room, Room 2020. (Note: meetings currently only online). The representative's weekly leadership role is to be the public relations representative, to process and present activity and funding paperwork, and to give weekly reports to and from the club.


Join a Club — See Club List


Campus clubs are funded by the Inter Club Council (ICC) through the ASFC OwlCard quarterly basic fee. Each club is required to send a voting representative to the weekly ICC meeting to maintain account and voting access.


ICC meets on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. For Zoom access, email Erin Ortiz at

Campus Center

Contact Me!

Joshua Contreras, VP of ICC

Our ASFC Office is open virtually.

Student Activities Office Contact

ERIN ORTIZ, Student Activities Specialist and ICC Advisor


  • M-TH: 8 a.m.-6:30 p.m.
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