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ASFC Boards of Government

Activities Board

Vice President of Activities

The Vice President of Activities shall:

  1. Serve as the chief executive officer of the ASFC Activities Board of Directors.
  2. Serve as a voting member of the ASFC Campus Council
  3. Be a member of the President's Cabinet
  4. Be an Ex-officio voting member of all Commissions, Committees, and agencies, which are represented on the ASFC Activities Board of Directors.
  5. Assume such other duties as may devolve to their office, or may be assigned to their office by the ASFC Campus Council or the President's Cabinet

Appointed Positions


Activities Finance Director

  1. Attend Budget Commission meetings.
  2. Meet with the ASFC Accountant every week.
  3. Give budget updates at Activities Board meetings.


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Activities Marketing Director

  1. Work closely with the Administration Board and the Design Center to create promotional material for upcoming events.
  2. Proficiency in media editing software (like Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and social media apps).
  3. Distribute and post marketing materials (like flyers and posters), on and around campus.


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Heritage Month Coordinator

  1. Assists in the planning and coordination of Heritage Month Committees.
  2. Must be present during all College Hour events, doing and overseeing the decoration, set-up, and clean up.
  3. Assistance with events on and/or off campus


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Town Hall Schedule


The ASFC Campus Council meets virtually weekly on Thursdays at 2–4 p.m., except for quarterly recesses and during June and summer months.

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Jasslie Altamirano, ASFC VP of Activities


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