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ASFC Boards of Government

Inter Club Council (ICC)

Vice President of Inter Club Council

The Vice President of ICC shall:

Please refer to the Inter Club Council website.

Appointed Positions


ICC Finance Director

  1. Work with the ASFC Accountant to oversee and act upon clubs’ finances.
  2. Assist clubs’ officers to understand clubs’ financial rights and responsibilities.


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ICC Outreach Director

  1. Work with club representatives to ensure their ICC forms follow ICC and ASFC policies.
  2. Help organize and ensure the prosperity of club events.


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ICC Secretary (non-voting)

  1. Takes accurate minutes at ICC meetings
  2. Posts minutes in appropriate places and disseminates information to appropriate personnel to comply with Board Policy and State Law.
  3. Provides receptionist support for the ASFC Campus Council Office, for a minimum of 14 hours per week.
  4. Consistently updates the ICC Club List Library with appropriate agendas and minutes.


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ICC Student Involvement Coordinator

  1. Work closely with the Administration Board and the Design Center to create promotional material for upcoming ICC events.
  2. Distribute and post marketing materials (like flyers and posters), on and around campus.
  3. Aim for, through innovative and effective methods, increasing students’ participation in clubs


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Town Hall Schedule


The ASFC Campus Council meets virtually weekly on Thursdays at 2–4 p.m., except for quarterly recesses and during June and summer months.

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QUESTIONS? Contact ASFC Secretary Eddie Gemme at

Campus Center Building

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Joshua Contreras, VP of ICC

ASFC Office is working virtually through Fall 2020