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ASFC Boards of Government

President's Board

To develop and recommend to the ASFC Campus Council such legislation, policies, codes, regulations, ASFC activities, and declarations as may be necessary to effectively implement, develop and coordinate ASFC activities and programs in the areas of Parliamentary law, documents recording proceedings, Institutional Research, Student Rights and Affirmative Action.

ASFC President

The ASFC President shall:

  1. Serve as the chief executive officer of the ASFC.
  2. Be the presiding officer of the ASFC Campus Council meetings.
  3. Be an ex-officio voting member of all the ASFC boards, commissions and subsidiary units.
  4. Assume such other duties as may devolve to his/her office, or as may be assigned to his/her office by the ASFC Campus Council.
  5. Be the chief executive officer of the President's Cabinet, which assists him/her duties.

Appointed Positions


ASFC Parliamentarian (non-voting)

  • Prepare for meetings by studying the parliamentary procedure
  • attend Campus Council meetings, every Thursday 2-4pm starting 9/23
  • support ASFC members in Parliamentary Procedure during Campus Council meetings


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ASFC Secretary (non-voting)

  • Takes accurate minutes at weekly ASFC Campus Council and Budget Commission meetings
  • Posts minutes in appropriate places and disseminates information to appropriate personnel to comply with Board Policy and State Law
  • Provides receptionist support for the ASFC Campus Council Office, for a minimum of 14 hours per week
  • Consistently updates the ASFC library with appropriate agendas and minutes.
  • In cooperation with the Vice President of Administration, monitors and distributes office supplies.


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Governing Documents Archivist

  • Creates an ASFC Governing Documents Optimization Committee and serves as the chairperson of that committee
  • Reviews and explores the optimization of the ASFC By-Laws
  • Presents at least an optimization suggestion, in a coherent and well-written proposal, which includes an explanation and a prototype (how the change would look in the By-Laws), every 2 weeks to the ASFC President


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Student Rights Officer

  • Creates an ASFC Student Rights Committee and serves as the chairperson of that committee
  • Represents ASFC on the Foothill President's Committee of Cultural Diversity
  • Works closely with faculty, staff, and administrators, whose assignments are responsible for Affirmative Action, Student Rights and Gender Equity.


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  • Fulfills the position as the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) Delegate
  • Attend and participate as the SSCCC Delegate in Region IV meetings and social events
  • Represent ASFC by attending the Planning and Resource Council Meeting


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The ASFC Campus Council meets weekly on Thursday from 2-4 p.m. in Toyon Room (2020).


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