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Academic Senate


The Role of a Senator

Your senator performs the following duties as a member of the the Foothill Academic Senate:

  1. Votes on policies and procedures regarding academic and professional issues.
  2. Ratifies all faculty appointments to committees and task forces.
  3. Maintains constant oral and written communication with:
    - the division
    - the faculty at large
    - adminsitrative staff, the Board of Trustees,
      and the FA as requested by the President.
  4. Brings division's concerns to Executive Committee,
  5. Attends regular Executive Committee meetings which are held every other Monday from 2 to 4 p.m.
  6. Provides an alternate with proxy vote if the senator can not attend.
  7. Serves on a minimum of one major committee.
  8. Serves for a term of two years.

Senate Officers

Position Representative Phone Email
President Isaac Escoto
Secretary Treasurer Katherine Shaefers
VP Curriculum Faculty Co-Chair Rachelle Campbell


Division Senators

Segment Representative Phone Email
APPR Apprenticeship Faculty    
BHS Lisa Eshman    
BHS Maureen Macdougall    
BSS Natasha Mancuso    
BSS Sam Connell    
CNSL Cathy Denver    
CNSL Tobias Nava    
FA/Comm Jordan Fong     
FA/Comm Robert Hartwell    
KA Rita O’Loughlin    
LA Kimberly Escamilla     
LA Valerie Fong    
LIB Micaela Agyare    
PSME David Marasco     
PSME Rosa Nguyen    
SRC Mimi Overton    
PT Faculty Rep Brendan Mar    
PT Faculty Rep Donna Frankel     



Segment Representative Phone Email
VPI, Cabinet Kristy Lisle 7209
FA Rep Fall 2017 Amy Edwards 7041
FA Rep Winter/Spring 2018 Steve Batham 7217
Prof Dev Coordinator Carolyn Holcroft 7943


Campus Center

Questions?Please contact me!

Isaac Escoto, Academic Senate President


Building 8300, Office 8317