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Academic Senate


All full-time and part-time faculty are members of the Academic Senate. Membership begins with employment as a full-time or part-time member of the faculty, and continues throughout employment.

The Senate Orientation PowerPoint provides an overview of the Foothill College Academic Senate. 

Membership Dues

 All full-time and part-time faculty are asked to contribute $5.00 monthly membership dues to help fund the work of the Academic Senate, which includes funding stipends for PT representatives to the Executive Committee (see below) and travel and registration expenses for the officers to attend statewide meetings. In addition, the Academic Senate offers annual scholarships to students and hosts a part-time faculty appreciation dinner when funding is sufficient to support these efforts.

Membership dues can be deducted monthly from your paycheck. To sign up for automatic payroll deductions please download and fill out form below, and return it to the Academic Senate Secretary/Treasurer, Robert Cormia ( If you are not sure if you are currently paying dues, we encourage you to fill out and send in the form (this will not result in a duplication of dues).

Sign-Up Monthly Deduction Form

Stop Monthly Deduction Form

Membership Responsibilities

 As members of the Academic Senate, all full-time and part-time faculty are expected to participate in the formation of college and district policies by supporting a strong and active Senate. You can do this by:

  1. supporting the officers and elected representatives of the organization through informed suggestions, recommendations, and feedback on issues under discussion;
  2. informed voting on all issues presented to the Academic Senate;
  3. volunteering to be an active member of at least one sub-committee of the Academic Senate and/or Senate rep on a governance council or committee; and
  4. paying all dues.

The Executive Committee (a.k.a. "The Senate")

 The Foothill College Academic Senate acts through its Executive Committee, often referred to as “the Senate,” with elected faculty representatives from every instructional and student support division, as well as two part-time faculty representatives, representing all part-time faculty in every division. 

Division representatives are referred to as “Senators,” and generally hold two-year terms. The leadership of the Academic Senate and the Executive Committee consists of three officers: the President, the Vice-President (who also serves as Faculty Co-Chair of the College Curriculum Committee) and a Secretary-Treasurer, all elected by the full membership of the Academic Senate to serve two-year terms.

The Role of a Senator

Your senator performs the following duties as a member of the Executive Committee:

  1. Votes on policies and procedures regarding academic and professional issues.
  2. Ratifies all faculty appointments to committees and task forces.
  3. Maintains constant oral and written communication with:
    - the division
    - the faculty at large
    - adminsitrative staff, the Board of Trustees,
      and the FA as requested by the President.
  4. Brings division's concerns to Executive Committee,
  5. Attends regular Executive Committee meetings which are held every other Monday from 2 to 4 p.m.
  6. Provides an alternate with proxy vote if the senator can not attend.
  7. Serves on a minimum of one major committee.
  8. Serves for a term of two years.

Senate Officers 2020-21

Position Officer Email
President Kathryn Maurer
VP Curriculum Faculty Co-Chair Eric Kuehnl
Secretary Treasurer Robert Cormia


Division Senators 2020-21

Division Representatives Email
APPR Brian Murphy
BHS Rachelle Campbell
Cara Miyasaki

BSS Alexis Aguilar
Kerri Ryer

CNSL Tracee Cunningham
Voltaire Villanueva

FA/Comm Jordan Fong
Milissa Carey 

KA Rita O’Loughlin
Dixie Macias

LA Stephanie Chan
David McCormick

LIB Mary Thomas

PSME David Marasco
Matthew Litrus

SRC Mimi Overton 
PT Faculty Reps Farima Fakoor
Donna Frankel


 Liaisons 2020-21


Organization Representative Email
ASFC Abhiraj Muhar
VPI, Cabinet Kristy Lisle
FA John Fox
Classified Josh Pelletier
Prof Dev Coordinator Carolyn Holcroft

Academic Senate Reps to Governance Councils & Committees 2020-21 


Current Academic Senate Appointments (Updated June 4, 2021)



Campus Center

Please contact me!

Kathryn Maurer, Academic Senate President

Senate Membership

See membership contact list for 2020-2021 Acadmic Senate officers, division senators, and liaisons.