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Meeting Templates and Guidelines

Meeting Document Templates

Download your specific committee templates listed below for preparing ADA 508 accessible Governance meeting documents for uploading and posting to your committee website.

You will need Office 2016 to save the Word document to an accessible online PDF. Please contact ETS to request Office 2016 or a newer version if you do not already have it installed on your computer.

Naming Your Meeting Documents

See how to name and manage your documents for uploading and posting to your committee website.

Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Committee Memo


Developing Meeting Agendas

  • Have a clear purpose for the meeting and communicate that purpose on the agenda.
  • List whom will be the speaker for each agenda item (if other than facilitator).
  • Don’t include too much into one meeting and consider including time blocks for specific items -this indicates relative importance of items and helps people prioritize.
  • Schedule important items early in the meeting to ensure sufficient time for discussion.
  • Work with your tri-­chairs to plan the meeting in advance, and use the agenda as a checklist to make sure you have the right documents, people, and other resources at the meeting.
  • Circulate the agenda at least 72 hours in advance along with any materials and include a description and proposed outcome for each items