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Psychological Services & Personal Counseling

For Faculty & Staff

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

We'd love to reach every classroom

We can spend just 10 or so  minutes in your classroom introducing ourselves and our  services. Send an email to to get it scheduled.


Statement For Your Syllabus

Mental Health Statement: A note from your Instructor

Dear Student,

Life at college can get very complicated. You may sometimes feel overwhelmed, lost, experience stress, anxiety or depression, or struggle with relationship difficulties. Many of these issues are very common and can be effectively addressed with a little help.

Psychological Services & Personal Counseling helps students cope with difficult emotions and life stressors. Psychological Services is staffed by experienced, professional psychologists and counselors, who are attuned to the needs of college students. The services are FREE and completely confidential. Find out more on our Pyschological Services website at


How Refer a Student

If you are concerned about a student's wellbeing

  1. Make a report in MAXIENT and inidcate a psychological concern.
  2. Build a relaitonship with your student and communicate your concerns with them, let them know of our services.
  3. Offer a 'warm handoff' and offering to connect the student with us.
  4. Send an email to consult anytime! 

Prevention Tools

  1. Invite our faculty to introduce our services at the start of the quarter.
  2. Begin your quarter introducing our servces and showing students our website to make referrals easier in the future.
  3. Remind students frequently during the quarter in this virtual time that if they need any support you are able to help with a referral.
  4. Have our brochures handy.

In Case of An Emergency

Let's Chat

Thursday, May 28 • 2-3 p.m.

Join us for Let’s Chat, where you can be with fellow students for conversation about how you’re doing. Feel free to join in on the discussion or just sit back and listen! You may also join anonymously. We will see you there!

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Learn Stress Management Skills – Take CNSL 72

Earn 3 CSU Transferable Units, Too! Enroll in CNSL 72: Stress, Wellness & Coping, offered fall, winter and spring.

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Psychological Services & Personal Counseling


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