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Psychological Services & Personal Counseling

Meet Our Wellness Ambassadors


Wellness Ambassadors are the student representatives of Psychological Services. They aim to promote mental health services, reduce stigma surrounding mental health disorders, create community, and foster an inclusive and non-judgemental campus culture.

Antoinette Aragon

Meet AntoinetteI am a Psychology major here at Foothill College. I am working to pursue a PhD and become a clinical psychologist in the future. When I am not studying or working as a research assistant at Stanford University, you can find me out on a run, spending time with family and friends, or trying to find new vegetarian recipes.

I serve as a student Wellness Ambassador since mental health is very important to me. Most individuals often place emphasis on caring for physical health—and prioritizing it over mental health; however, looking after mental health is just as important, and some may forget. I definitely want to change that and do my best to foster an inclusive and diverse environment where students can openly speak about their experiences involving mental health and wellness.

Jacqui Jones

Meet JacquiI am a first-year student majoring in social justice studies and minoring in public health. I am the president of project hope club, a foothill student organization that represents the student body in trying to bring mental health outreach and awareness to campus.

I wanted to become involved as a Student Wellness Ambassador because I believe that health and wellness are imperative in order for one to be a stable, secure individual in today’s world. Having personal experience in which my health was not a priority and was not accommodated in settings such as academic and social, the stigma of my mental illness as well as not being adequately supported left me feeling hopeless and helpless in terms of having independence and autonomy. Finally, after years of treatment and support, I have finally got the resources in order to enable me to gain stability in my life. I would like to give back to others who are struggling as well and provide them with support which I lacked so that no one would have to face the same struggle I did.

Murphy Song

Meet Murphy SongI am a first-year Psychology major international student at Foothill. I hope to pursue a career as a psychological counselor in the future. When I was in high school, two of my best friends suffered from depression but I couldn't really help. Every time they came to me and told me how upset and hopeless they felt about their life, family, and study, I could only listen to them and say some comforting words. However, their situation did not turn out better after chatting with me. I felt guilty that I was their best friend but I couldn't help.

From that time, I decided to learn more professional knowledge about depression and mental health to help people around me. With more psychology knowledge I learned, I am trying to train myself as a supportive listener, a problem analyst, and a professional advisor.

Being a Wellness Ambassador gives me a great opportunity to help others who are suffering from mental illness as well as raising the public awareness of mental health. I can prepare myself to be a mental health worker and introduce our school's psychological programs to more people to let them know how nice they are at the same time.

Priya Vasu

Meet Priya VasuI am a first-year Sociology & Psychology major. I am serving as a wellness ambassador because I am passionate about advocating for student wellness and reducing the stigma around mental health, especially having gone through mental health issues myself. As a member of ASFC, I also hope to bring my connections with student leaders and outreach to the Psych Services department.

In my free time, you can find me dancing to my favorite songs or collecting stickers for my door!

Samson Wong

Meet Samson WongI am a first-year student at Foothill College, majoring in psychology. I am now serving as a Student Wellness Ambassador because I am passionate to help students with mental health problems and to organize events at school.

I hope I can help students in need to know about where to get help and reduce the stigma of being mentally ill. I am a very positive guy who loves smiling and talking to people. I hope I can influence the campus with my positivity. Feel free to talk to me whenever you see me on campus!

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Meet our Wellness Ambassadors