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Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) for Fall 2019

UC TAG Criteria will be posted in summer
for Fall 2020 transfer

Did you know?

You can increase your chance to transfer by completing your Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)  For more information, ask a counselor today!

What is a TAG?

A “Transfer Admission Guarantee” (TAG) allows you — as a  California community college student — to earn guaranteed acceptance to a university, as long as you follow university-specific instructions, guidelines, and criteria.

Submit UC TAG: Sept. 1-Sept. 30

  • UC TAG submission for fall 2019 is open Sept. 1-30, 2018.
  • Deadline to complete is Sept. 30. There are no exceptions.
  • Do not wait until first week of fall quarter to start your TAG!

Are you interested in TAG admission to a UC campus?

UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

Six (6) University of California (UC) campuses offer guaranteed admission to students from all California community colleges. You can submit a TAG to only one.

Eligibility Criteria to Submit a TAG

General Eligibility Requirements for TAG

  • Available to any student transferring directly from a California community college, including F1-Visa students.
  • You MUST have been enrolled in a California community college during the spring 2018 term. ( this applies to UC Davis only)
  • If you were previously enrolled at a UC campus during a regular session, you can only TAG to a different UC campus.
  • You MUST meet required university-specific TAG criteria at the time of submitting the TAG (Please note: meet with a counselor to see if you’re eligible before submitting a TAG).
  • You completed at least 30 semester or 45 quarter UC transferable units from a California community college by the end of  summer 2018 (some non-California community college units may/may not be accepted)

Who Cannot Submit a TAG

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree, graduate degree, and/or professional degree
  • Students cannot TAG to a UC campus that they’ve already attended.
  • Students concurrently enrolled in high school (please meet with a Foothill college counselor for details)

Participating UC Campuses

Select a campus to review specific eligibility criteria and requirements.

NOTE: UC Berkeley, UCLA and UC San Diego DO NOT participate in the TAG program.

See a Counselor

A counselor can help you with the following TAG criteria:

  • Creating a tailored education plan that meets your TAG and academic goals
  • Verifying if you’re eligible to submit a TAG
  • Reviewing your UC application and UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP)
  • Reviewing TAG deadlines, instructions, rules, and other criteria

Guidelines and Resources for Submitting Your TAG

TAG Matrix 2019-2020

The TAG matrix [PDF] provides campus-specific TAG criteria and requirements.

It also includes:

      • GPA requirements
      • Basic TAG course requirements
      • Answers to unique academic circumstances (example AP, IB, etc.)
      • Important dates/deadlines
      • University TAG website links and contact information

Unit/Credit Limitations

  • If you have AP/IB credit from high school and took a similar class in college, students may not receive duplicate credit for both the AP score and college course.
  • Foothill pre-calculus courses MATH 48A, 48B, and 48C equals 15 units.  The UC will only accept a maximum 7.5 quarter units from these courses.
  • A maximum of only 6 quarter units will be accepted for PHED Activity courses.
  • F1-Visa international students cannot receive transferable credit for a language course that is their native language

Create a UC TAP Account to Submit Your TAG

Create a “New Student” TAP account to fill out the TAG application. Go to UC Transfer Admission Planner (TAP)

      • The UC TAP account has a tab labeled “Apply for TAG.”
      • Click that button to begin the TAG submission process.
      • Students must submit their TAG between Sept. 1-30, 2018.
      • TAG Application is FREE

TAG Application Preparation

Important Notice:  It is your responsibility to make sure the information you report is accurate and complete.  Meet with a counselor to review your TAG.
      • Have ALL of your (unofficial) college transcripts (from all colleges attended) and Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) exam scores when filling out your UC TAP account.  It might be helpful to have paper copies.
      • Log-in to the UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) and start entering ALL your coursework in your UC TAP account.
      • Once your UC TAP account is filled out accurately and completely, choose the tab, “Apply for TAG” to proceed with the TAG submission process.

Apply for Admission to Your UC TAG Campus

You must ALSO fill out the UC admissions application and submit it Nov. 1–30, 2018.

Reporting Coursework

The UC TAP system instructs you to list courses in chronological order of all college courses.  Summer session and extension courses (do not input anything for summer 2019).
      • Enter grades exactly as they appear on your transcripts that you have attempted, repeated, completed, dropped, or failed. NOTE: This includes grades “A” thru “F”, “I” for incomplete, or “W” for withdrawal, and academic renewal.
      • Input ALL courses and grades whether your transcripts are from colleges in the United States or other countries; Do not work from memory.
      • If you attended a California community college, the UC TAP account will recognize courses that are UC transferable and will automatically populate your course when you search for the course (This allows the UC TAP account to calculate your GPA).
      • If the course is either non-transferable to UC or a non-California community college course, you must enter the courses manually because they will not automatically populate. Click “My course is not listed,” then manually enter the courses.
      • Students must explain any gaps in education.  For example: If you did not attend college for one or more terms.  The UC TAP will request you to write in a text box what you were doing during your gap in education.

Important Notes

  • SUMMER 2019:  This term may not be used to complete courses required for the TAG; all TAG requirements must be completed by the end of spring 2019 (DO NOT list courses for summer 2019 on your UC TAP account).
  • UPPER DIVISION:  If upper division coursework was completed, please check with a counselor to determine if you are at-risk of being denied admission due to excessive units.
  • Not all majors are eligible for TAG with some UC’s and selective majors require more specific eligibility criteria.
  • A TAG is a contract between you (the student) and the specific UC campus. Make sure to complete all coursework & maintain the required GPA requirements in your TAG agreement.
  • If you need to make any changes to your TAG after you’ve submitted it by the Sept. 30 deadline, you may jeopardize your TAG!  Work with a counselor to discuss any changes.
  • Students can only choose ONE major and ONE university for TAG.
  • Make sure you choose the same major and university on your UC application that you chose on your TAG in the UC TAP account
  • TAG conditions must be fulfilled until the end of Spring 2019
  • You do not have to apply for TAG to be considered for admission. Students that choose not to apply for TAG can still apply for UC admission Nov. 1st – Nov. 30th, 2018 (students can apply to more than one UC on the UC application

Meet a Counselor Now

Stop by the Transfer Center or Counseling Center to see if you are eligible to submit a UC TAG. We offer Quick Questions Drop-In Counseling Sessions during the summer until fall quarter starts.

Deadline to submit your TAG is Sept. 30.  Don't wait until the last minute. We look forward to working with you!

TAG Guideline for Download

You may download the PDF version of these TAG resources and guidelines for reference.

Other Guarantee Admission Options

California State University (CSU)

Complete an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) for guaranteed admission to a university in the CSU system.

Visit our ADT website for associate for transfer degree information and how to petition.

Private Colleges/Universities

Honors Institute Participants

If you participate in Foothill's Honors Institute, you may qualify for priority admission and/or guarantee admission to the Honors Institute's Transfer Partners, which include UCLA, UCI, San Diego State, and other colleges/universities.

UC TAG for Fall 2019 Application Guideline

2019 TAG Guideline PDF Cover Page

Please use the website for the most accessible version. Download a PDF version for reference

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