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Transferring Students 2022

Annual Transfer Achievement Celebration

Each year, approximately 1,200 Foothill students transfer to colleges and universities around the country. On June 15, we celebrated our students who registered to attend our 2022 Transfer Achievement Celebration.

Congratulations to all our transferring students in 2021-2022!

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We wish you peace and contentment on your journey as you leave Foothill College. We are so proud of our students and the goals they've  achieved!

Access Photos from June 15 Celebration

Thank you to everyone who supported this year's event.

  • Foothill De Anza Foundation
  • Kathy Adams Scholarship
  • Foothill College Marketing Team
  • Foothill College Outreach Team
  • Marty Khan Audio/Visual Specialist
  • Office of Student Affairs and Activities
  • Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC)
  • Counseling Division & Student Services
  • All Volunteers (Faculty, Classified, & Management

Where Our Students are Transferring

Note:  This list only includes students who registered for our 2022 Transfer Achievement event.  Many more Foothill students are transferring this academic year.  Download print program with same list below

Adams Caitlyn  University of California, San Diego 
Adel Suodaba San Jose State University
Ahmadi Sharina University of California, San Diego
Ahn Edward San Jose State University
Ali Zainab University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Aljuboori Mokhalad University of California, Berkeley
Altamirano Jasslie UC San Diego
Alvarado  Estefania  San Jose state University 
Amsellem Eden UCLA
Anderson Maya University of California, Santa Cruz
Andrade Morelia California State University East Bay
Antal John San Jose State University 
Asylbekov Bayel UC Berkeley 
Avina Carolina San Jose State Univerity
Baitalmal Ameen University of California, Santa Cruz
Barajas Nancy San Jose State University
Becker Jack New York University
Blanco Chamene San Jose State University
Bravo Maxim University of California, Berkeley
Briseno  Kimberly  California State University Fullerton 
Chan Tanson University of California, Los Angeles
Chen Sammi University of California, Irvine
Chen Winnie UC Santa Cruz
Choi Hyeonseok  UCB
Chung Kelly Santa Clara University
Conrriquez Estrella California State University Monterey Bay
Contreras Joshua  University of California, Irvine
Cotton Zhalyssa University of California, Davis
Dally Elizabeth University of California Berkeley 
de Lima Cuevas Sophia University of California, San Diego
Desiatnik Aliza San jose state university 
Escobedo  Anthony  UC Santa Cruz
Fan Chenhao UCLA
Farias Jaquelin San Jose State University
Farooqui Musaab University of California, Berkeley
Francisco Jessie Raulio University of California, Berkeley
Gandhi Yash San Jose State University
Garcia Emma University of California, Davis
Gonzalez Daisy California State University, Los Angeles
Grandez Fidel A. Santa Clara University 
Gurumurthy Kannekka Santa Clara University
Harjadi Chris UC Berkeley
Harmon K’ronna San Jose State University 
Hashmi Adam University of California, Los Angeles
Hernandez Ashley UC Santa Cruz
Hernandez Maycol San Jose State University
Herrera Daisy University of Santa Cruz
Holt Sabrina San Jose State University 
Homayonfar  Rachel  Stanford University 
Hosgur Yagmur San Jose state university 
Hutchinson Cameron University of California Los Angeles
Huynh Jeanne University of California, Davis
Ibrahim Margarita San Jose State University
Jett Mills  Baylie Texas Tech University 
Karnatsevich Philip San Francisco State University
Kasahun Ruth  University of California, Los Angeles
Kibrom  Aster  San Diego State University 
Kim Shane University of California, Davis
Kofman Shawn University of California, Davis
Lam Wei Cheng  University of California, Berkeley
Le Anna Santa Clara University
Le Samantha University of California, Berkeley
Lee Sung-A University of California, Davis 
Li Yuxuan UCSB
Licon Elizabeth University of California, Irvine
Lim Cheryl University of California, Davis
Ling Alexander University of California, Davis
López  J. Carlos  California Institute of Integral Studies
Lopez Lugo Laritza San Francisco State University 
Maekawa Momomi University of California, Berkeley
Mageean Rachel University of California, Santa Cruz
Marjakangas Anette San Jose State University
Massey Venicia University of California, Los Angeles
McCarthy Alexandra UC Davis
Medina  Natalie  San Jose state university 
Mendoza Arias Maribel San Jose State University 
Mensick  Andrea  San Francisco State University 
Michel  Luis San Jose state state university 
Mikulenka Christopher CSU San Bernardino
Miles Donny UC Davis
Miramontes Alejandra San Jose State University
Miyaki Luke University of California, Los Angeles
Murchek Alison University of California, Santa Cruz
Nagase Risa UCLA
Nguyen Michelle UC Santa Cruz
Ochoa Leo SFSU
Odio Sulphine Susie University of California, Berkeley
Paderesky Rebecca Western Governors Unversity
Palma Porras Elisa San Jose State University
Peacock  Tia San Francisco State University 
Pearson Cheri  University of California Berkeley 
Pearson Madison University of California, Berkeley
Poole Emma University of California, Davis
Postle Brittany UC Berkeley
Presley Adelle San Jose State University 
Pushkin Siarhei San Francisco State University
Quintana  Cristina San Jose State University
Qureshi Ameen University of Southern California 
Rivas Jennifer Fashion Institute Design Merchandise- L.A
Rodriguez Miriam  University of California, Los Angeles
Rojas Heraz Jennifer University of California, Santa Cruz
Rollet Abigail Cal State University Stanislaus 
Ruiz Gabrial San Jose State University 
Shanmugavel Sundar University of California, Davis
Sheikholeslami Arash University of California, riverside
Sinha Alisha UC Santa Cruz
Song Yuge University of California, Los Angeles
Suwa Kazuko  University of California, Santa Barbara 
Tam Trina San Jose State University 
Tan James University of California, Santa Barbara 
Timothy Krisdivo University of California, Irvine
Tomaneng Sydney University of Pennsylvania
Touni Mariam University of California, Los Angeles
Truong Anh Thu Sacramento State 
Truong Quang University of California, Los Angeles
Twoy Alex San Jose State University 
Valdez Joanne Flor San Francisco State University 
Valdez Maryland University of California, Davis 
Villanueva Maciel  Yajaira  San Francisco State University 
Vuong Crystal Drury University 
Wong Alexander UCSB
Wu Brian Cal Poly Pomona 
Yang Benjamin San Jose State University
Youssef Lugene  San Jose State University 
Zahabi Aryanna University of California, Santa Barbara
Zeng Xiang University of California, Santa Cruz


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