Current Open Auditions

Currently, there are no open auditions.

Important Information for Play and Musical Auditionees

Please note: Parking regulations require a $3 parking permit at all times. Please avoid costly tickets and purchase a permit.

If you are cast in the show you will receive a free permit for all rehearsals and performances.

For auditions in the Lohman Theatre, we recommend parking in either Lot 1 (the first parking lot to the right on the campus loop) or Lot 8 (through the entrance fountain roundabout) . The Lohman Theatre is located to the left of the entrance fountain as part of the new Lower Campus Complex.

For auditions located in The Smithwick Theatre or Appreciation Hall we recommend parking in Lot 1 (the first parking lot to the right on the campus loop). Walk all the way up the stairs and continue on the pathway for about 30 yards. Entrance to both facilities will be on the left. For access without stairs to both the Smithwick Theatre and Appreciation Hall, park in Lot 5 and walk towards the interior of the campus, directories provided en route.

Foothill Music Theatre and Foothill Theatre Arts enthusiastically endorse "non-traditional" casting, and is open to casting actors of all backgrounds in any role.

Cast of South Pacific performing

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