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Foothill College Theatre Conservatory presents an evening of student-directed one-acts entitled

History in the Faking

Six short plays satirizing history’s icons

Friday & Saturday, April 10-11 @ 8:00PM
Thursday-Saturday, April 16-18 @ 8:00PM
Sunday, April 19 @ 2:00PM

Foothill College – Lohman Theatre

The show includes:

Do Not Collect $200 by J. Wiltz
Hitler, Lenin, Napoleon and James Joyce get together for a game of Monopoly. Egos clash, loyalties are challenged, and tantrums ensue as these four historical giants come head to head working towards their goal: pass go, collect $200, and make the board their own.

Chamber Music by Arthur Kopit
Eight prominent women from history…or at least they believe they are…meet after receiving a perceived threat.  Gaveled to a semblance of order by “Susan B. Anthony”, the group wades through their personal delusions to concoct a series of increasingly insane plans of retaliation.

The Dark Lady of the Sonnets by Bernard Shaw
Where did the inspiration for Shakespeare's amazing plays originate? Was it a beautiful woman?  An alcoholic Beefeater with a good sense of humor? Or the Virgin Queen herself?  A few theories are provided to this age-old query when Shakespeare himself is thrust into a dramatic love triangle.

Variations on the Death of Trotsky by David Ives
The Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky, on the day of his demise, tries desperately to cope with the mountain-climbers axe he’s discovered in his head.  A series of deadly comic scenarios offer a variety of plausibly tragic endings.

Words, Words, Words by David Ives
Three monkeys named Kafka, Swift and Milton are put in a room together to test the hypothesis: If three monkeys randomly hit keys on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time, would they produce Hamlet?!

Degas C’est Moi by David Ives
An unemployed New Yorker named Ed takes on the identity of the French impressionist painter Edgar Degas for a day, and discovers the world and himself through new eyes.


Do Not Collect $200  Directed by Gillian Kelleher
Hitler – Brian Van Winkle
Lenin – Tom Shamrell
Napoleon – Matt Daly
James Joyce – Ross Buran

Chamber Music  Directed by Angel Ordaz
Constanze Mozart – Brittany Pirucki
Osa Johnson – Kate Chan
Gertrude Stein – Victoria Ippolito
Pearl White – Martin Gutfeldt
Amelia Earhart – Kirsten Macaulay
Queen Isabella – Anthony Aranda
Joan of Arc – Lucy Littlewood
Susan B. Anthony – Georgina Kartsonis
Man in White – Adam Magill

The Dark Lady of the Sonnets  Directed by Sarah Griner
Shakespeare – Kevin Hull
Queen Elizabeth – Victoria Spencer
Dark Lady – Beth Boulay
Beefeater – Adam Magill

Variations on the Death of Trotsky Directed by Adam Magill
Trotsky – Kevin Hull (Sunnyvale)
Mrs. Trotsky – Sarah Griner (Menlo Park)
Ramon – Matt Daly (South San Francisco)

Words, Words, Words Directed by Beth Boulay
Milton – Ross Buran
Swift – Martin Gutfeldt
Kafka – Kirsten Macaulay

Degas C’est Moi  Directed by Victoria Spencer
Ed (Degas) – Angel Ordaz
Doris – Lucy Littlewood
Townspeople: Kate Chan, Victoria Ippolito, Georgina Kartsonis, Gillian Kelleher, Brittany Pirucki, Tom Shamrell, Brian Van Winkle

$14 - General
$12 - Student/Senior
$7 - Foothill Students and Staff with OwlCard

Box Office - (650) 949-7360
Box office hours: Thurs., Fri., Sat., 5pm-9pm, Sun. 12pm-4pm

Parking: Parking Lot 8 provides direct and easy access to the theatre. Visitors must purchase the required parking permit for $2. Foothill College is located off I-280 on El Monte Road in Los Altos Hills.

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