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The Pajama Game
Foothill College Theatre Arts Presents
Foothill New Works Festival 2008

Produced by Tracy Ward

Feature-length, world premieres from the Foothill College Playwriting Program presented as staged, script-in-hand readings.

The Plays:

The Dentist by John Rebstock, directed by Anthony Aranda
        September 25 & September 27 at 8pm

Rocking the Good Ship Gooseberry by Mary Ann Cook, directed by Diane Milo
        September 26 at 8pm & September 28 at 2pm

The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife by Chris Enni, directed by Brooke Milos
        October 2 & October 4 at 8pm

The Guest House by Diane Patterson, directed by Georgina Kartsonis
        October 3 at 8pm and October 5 at 2pm

Location: Lohman Theater, Foothill College. Interstate 280 & El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills.

Tickets Available only at the door beginning 30 minutes before show time.   There are no advanced ticket sales for these shows. $5 to $15 cash-only donation suggested.

More Info: email: or call (650) 949-7360.

Parking Info: All patrons must purchase or already have a valid parking pass.  Parking will cost $2. Recommend parking in Lot 7 or 8 for closest, most convenient access..

About The Plays

The Dentist
by John Rebstock
11 Actors (7 M, 4 W)
In this rollicking comedy, Pedrolino seeks revenge for Pantalone's bite while Captain Spavento and Arlecchino do battle for the title of supreme Knight Templar. Meanwhile, Isabella seeks the woman of the forest, Pasquella, for advice on how to woo Oratio. The candy Pasquella gives her is deadly and explodes into the lunacy which follows. And who will get Flaminia and Franceschina? Flavio and Dottore Gratiano?
Arlechino/ Franceschina: Nicole Martin
Pantalone: Arlie Ray Blackshear
Oratio: Nick Karios
Flaminia: Jaime Wolf
Pedrolino: Eddie Guting
Flavio: Doug Beckett
Isabella: Beth Boulay
Dottore Gratiano/ Pasquella: Cheryl Landman
Captain Spavento: Nathan Zobel

Rocking the Good Ship Gooseberry by Mary Ann Cook
6 Actors (4W, 2M)
Rocking the Good Ship Gooseberry is the story of two elderly widows (sisters) forced to combat a series of shattering events: finances, broken limbs and wounded hearts. In so doing, they manage to overcome a long-standing animosity between family members and jealousy over a mutual old beau.
May: Norma HughesLiz: Linda Kirk
Thelma: Beth Proudfoot
Charlie: Doug Brees
Jody: Brooke Milos
Stuart: Bryan Martin

The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife by Chris Enni
7 actors (4M, 3W)
Could the leader of the Great World be left wanting for anything? Yes, when he meets Catherine, who is the world's most perfect woman except for one teeny flaw, she cannot speak. The greatest society the world has ever seen is brought to the brink of disaster in The Man Who Married A Dumb Wife, (adapted from the play by Anatole France).
Great Dictate: Arlie Ray Blackshear
Prime Minister: Bryan Martin
Seraprin: Nathan Zobel
Michelle: Candy Price
Catherine: Beth Boulay
Gene: Joyce Jacobsen
General: Eddie Guting

The Guest House by Diane Patterson
7 Actors (4M, 3W)
Drusilla and her sister Stevie get more than they bargained for when they wrangle their way into a stay at a famous actor's guest house. Drusilla's ex-boyfriend tries to blackmail her, she becomes the prime suspect in his murder, and the family she ran away from years ago has just found out where she is -- and they aren't going to let her disappear again.
Roberto: Nick Karios
Drusilla: Nicole Martin
Penelope: Jaime Wolf
Gary: Chris Schulz
Oliverios: Cheryl Landman
Stevie: Eleanor Arculus
Jeremy: Gilly Kelleher

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