Foothill Theatre Conservatory presents,

Foothill New Works Festival 2010

Rehearsal of To Hell in a Snuff Box
Rehearsal of To Hell in a Snuff Box by John Rebstock
Produced by Tracy Ward
Feature-length, one-acts and short play world premieres from the Foothill College Playwriting Program presented as staged, script-in-hand readings.

The Foothill College New Works Festival is a project of the Department of Theatre Arts the Playwriting class, and the First Year Conservatory Students: Jason Dean, Maricar Knize, Alexandra Ho, Samantha Stidham, Clifford Samoranos, Mary Hill, Rachel Singleton, Georgie Anaya, Mark Merman, Jaime Tuttle, Christopher Mitchell, Dana Johnson, Dashiell Hillman, Max Venuti, Jessica Chen, Krystal Seli, David Eastman, Emily Ota.

Thursday June 17, 8p.m.
Enlightenment by David Schreiber
Directed by Maricar Knize
All Richard asked from his religion was some way to understand this world and his place in it. Be careful what you ask for.

Friday June 18, 8 p.m.
To Hell In A Snuff Box by John Rebstock
Directed by Jason Dean
n this ribald play of unrepentant hedonism, Pantalone has one last chance to redeem himself. But will the evil Cataldo steal his gold and his wife before he can do so? Come see The Demons of Hell and the Grand Guignol finish to this cautionary tale of lust, greed and deliverence. Over 18 advised.

Saturday June 19, 8 p.m.
Reunion by Diane Gribschaw
Directed by Clifford Samoranos
In a small Colorado town, two high school sweethearts meet again at their ten year reunion and discover that time, gender and religious dogma mean nothing in matters of the heart. But will a charismatic Pastor with a dark secret be able to cure their "addiction" to each other?

The Leak by Sandra Bazilet
Directed by Alexandra Ho
A bourgeois Parisian couple in crisis is being helped (supposedly) by a clumsy neighbor and some special women. It all started with a leak...

Sunday June 20, 2 p.m.
Poldi and the Fern Seeds by Earl T. Roske
Directed by Samantha Stidham
Poldi seeks the fern seeds on a mid-summer's eve to prove to his sisters he has courage. Greater courage must be called upon when Poldi has to seek the help of a witch and an elf to rescue his foolish sisters from an Ogre before they are eaten!

Einstein Puzzles by Dennis Carter
Directed by Mary Hill
Albert Einstein maintained that the "God does not play dice with the universe." Stewart Palmer, owner of a puzzle and game store, experiences first hand that Einstein may have been mistaken.

Sunday June 20, 7 p.m.
Driving to Annie by Elyssa Olsen
Directed by Georgie Anaya
As a recovering alcoholic, Annie's long lost father tries to reconnect with his daughter at her engagement party. The reunion heals old wounds and new wounds are discovered for both father and daughter.

Jono by Melissa Koh
Directed by Dana Johnson
Set in futuristic America, a married couple builds a baby robot when they can't conceive a child. What happens when they are given the chance to trade him in for a biological child?

Teddy and Andy Across Time by Jae Hong
Directed by Rachel Singleton
Adventures in time and space with brothers in a cardboard box. Starring: Lizardmen

Like Brothers by Rebecca Royce
Directed by Christopher Mitchell
Lon and Arty grew up together, ate lasagne together. Now they are separated by a door, a gun, and the boss's demand for Lon's ear.

Magnolias Always Cheer Things Up by Robert Clem
Directed by Mark Merman
Two small-time robbers meet their match in a savvy senior citizen who wants nothing more than to retire and live life in the slow lane.

True Colors by Deborah Dashow Ruth
Directed by Jaime Tuttle
June is mystified when her attorney husband, Aaron, withdraws his name from consideration for a judgeship for what he says are financial reasons. But when she tells him she's just been offered a wonderful job, he refuses to let her take it. Why? Because it's the 50s.

Lohman Theater, Foothill College,
12345 El Monte Road
Los Altos Hills, CA 94022
Highway 280 at El Monte Road.

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All patrons must purchase or already have a valid parking pass. Parking will cost $2. Recommend parking in Lot 7 or 8 for closest, most convenient access.

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