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Foothill College Theatre Arts Department Presents

The Adding Machine by Elmer Rice

I Only Have Ives for You
Alex Hero as Mr. Zero
Photo by Tom Gough

Directed by Tom Gough
Scenic Design by Bruce McLeod
Costume Design by Julie Engelbrecht
Lighting Design by Andrew Custer
Sound Design by Chris Graham

The Story: This comic, expressionistic masterpiece follows the exploits of Mr. Zero, a hard-working, psuedo-Everyman as he toils through his rather inconsequential existence, a nameless human cog in a vast business engine. After years of determined dedication to his job, he finds himself out on his ear--replaced by a machine. Mr. Zero does not take this news lightly and his choices will soon send him on a path through various stages of the afterlife discovering the true nature of his menial existence

Performance Dates: May 30 through June 15, 2008. Shows Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm. Sundays, June 8 and June 15 at 2:00pm. (No show June 1)

Where: Foothill College Lohman Theatre, I-280 at El Monte Road, Los Altos Hills

Ticket Prices:
$16 General Admission
$12 for all Students and Seniors
$8 for Owl Card holders
(Owl Card discount must be purchased in person from the box office)

Ordering Tickets: For greatest seating choice flexibility and immediate purchase confirmation, we recommend ordering tickets online using the, Buy Tickets Online link. Ordering by phone and for and discount group purchases call Box Office: (650) 949-7360.

Alex Hero as Mr. Zero and Suzie Poulson as Daisy
Pictured from left:
Alex Hero as Mr. Zero
Suzie Poulson as Daisy

Photo by Tom Gough

Suzie Poulson as Daisy, Daniel Mitchell as Shirdlu and Alex Hero as Mr. Zero
Pictured from Left:
Suzie Poulson as Daisy
Daniel Mitchell as Shirdlu
Alex Hero as Mr. Zero

Photo by Tom Gough
Alex Hero as Mr. Zero
Peggy Lynch as Mrs. Zero
Suzie Poulson as Daisy
Daniel Mitchell as Shirdlu
Tim Goble as Boss
Sarah Griner as Tour Guide
Leslie Breton as The Fixer
Jake Van Tuyl as Lt. Charles

With multiple ensemble roles played by:
Jezebel Barraza, Doug Beckett, Beth Boulay, Derrick Brooks, Ross Buran, Linda Christensen, Arturo Dirzo, Ric Ferras, Ernesto Garcia, Martin Gutfeldt, Victoria Ippolito, Georgina Kartsonis, Polina Krasnova, Caitlin Lorenc, Angel Ordaz, Brittany Pirucki, Marvina Reasons, Juliana Schoedinger, Jerome Sephers, Victoria Spencer, Shannon Tierney, Brian Van Winkle.

Further notes about our produciton: This will be the second full production in Foothill College's new intimate Lohman Theatre opened this past February. The foreshadowing nature of Elmer Rice's 1923 play is, in many respects, rather eerie. Whether it be mechanization in the workplace or outsourcing, the capitalist system will always support advancements in pursuit of more profits--forever making the displaced workforce a flashpoint topic. The Adding Machine directly addresses the question of advancing technology at what cost to personal humanity. While we at as a society are becoming more "connected" to each other at a staggering rate, it begs the question what is the quality of this interfacing? Is our connectivity detached and ultimately de-humanizing? By utilizing many of the mechanical techniques in both design and performance envisioned by expressionist pioneers, this production will emphasize the relationship between man and machine, updating a few points of prophetic relevance..

Parking: Parking Lot 8 provides stair and no-stair access to the theatre. Visitors must purchase the required parking permit for $2. Foothill College is located off I-280 on El Monte Road in Los Altos Hills. For additional information, access or call (650) 949-7360.

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