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Workforce Development

Using Perkins Funds to Supplement and Improve CTE Courses

The state provides Perkins categorical funding for specific work- and industry-based objectives. This chart will help you identify ways to use Perkins dollars to supplement your programs. Funds must be spent by June 30 each year.


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Ensure you and your program are up to industry standards

  • Procure lab equipment & technology
  • Attend conferences & professional development
  • Use client or patient management software
  • Organize in-service training for faculty

Design courses for industry standards and for distance learning

  • Pay full-time and part-time faculty for instructional and non-instructional program development
  • Incorporate technology into the classroom

Train faculty on software and technology to engage in remote instruction

  • Facilitate training on Canvas, Zoom, or any other remote instruction
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Transition students from school to work

  • Engage employers at job fairs, industry workshops, and host guest speakers
  • Use certification prep materials
  • Promote work-based experience learning

Increase recruitment of underserved populations to promote industry diversity

  • Utilize videos, radio advertising, social media and other marketing tools
  • Attend equity seminars and training

Use data-based evaluation for program improvement

  • Hire consultants to conduct analysis on equity gaps, outreach effectiveness, and student performance outcomes in comparison to industry standards

Download a PDF chart for reference

Perkins Grant Information Sheets