Login Instructions for Canvas

Find out how to log in to your online class at Foothill College.

If your instructor uses Canvas to deliver your online course and you have enrolled using MyPortal, you will be able to login to your course on the first day of the quarter or whenever your instructor starts the course.

Visitors from MyPortal

  • From MyPortal, you may access your student account, your records and your transcript. Your online course is in either the Etudes or the Canvas course management system.
  • Do not forget to log out of your MyPortal session. Logging out of Canvas will NOT log you out of MyPortal.
  • MyPortal will automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity and require you to log in again.
  • For any questions regarding MyPortal please visit MyPortal help page.

Access Canvas from MyPortal

  • Click on the Students tab.
  • In My Online Courses under Foothill College, you will find the link to Canvas.
    Log in to Canvas link in Students tab in MyPortal


MyPortal is integrated with Canvas which means that when you click the link to log in to Canvas, you will be logged in to Canvas automatically. Note that when you log out of either MyPortal or Canvas, you will NOT be logged out of both, just the one you are logging out of.

Last Updated June 12, 2017
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