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Online Degrees & Certificates

Online Degrees and Certificates

Online learning is growing and expanding to more fields. Read this Palo Alto Online news article to find out how a Foothill grad earned his degree online enabling him to transfer to Berkeley to complete his Bachelor's degree.

Students can earn the following degrees and certificates by completing fully online courses.

Online Degrees

Click on the name of a degree below to view the list of classes offered fully online that can count toward that degree.

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Note that this is a list of degrees that can be earned fully online. For a list of all degrees offered at Foothill College, please visit

Degree, Certificate or Transfer Programs.


  • Some online courses require occasional tests to be proctored in-person and/or student attendance on campus.
  • Not all fully online courses are offered every quarter or even every year.
  • Some students may have difficulty attaining an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree via only online courses because of timing or availability of classes. In such circumstances, students can consult with a counselor to submit a petition for course substitution, however, course substitutions are NOT guaranteed.

Online Certificates

Please contact division offices for details about which fully online courses can be used to meet Certificate requirements.

Certificate of Achievement

  • Accounting (53 Units)
  • Art History (30-31 Units)
  • CPA Examination Preparation (40 Units)
  • Game Audio (24 Units)
  • Geographic Information Systems Technology I (21.5 Units)
  • Graphic & Interactive Design (58 Units)
  • Humanities (20 Units)
  • Instructional Design and Technology (27 Units)
  • Makerspace Coordinator (18 Units)
  • Music History and Literature (25 Units)
  • Music Technology (40 Units)
  • Pro Tools (24 Units)
  • Transfer Studies -- CSU GE 2020-2021 (52 Units)
  • Transfer Studies -- IGETC 2020-2021 (48 Units)
  • Certificate of Achievement in Digital Marketing (25 Units)
  • Certificate of Achievement in Web Design (16 Units)
  • Certificate of Achievement in Game Design (14 Units)
  • Certificate of Achievement in Graphic Design (14 Units)
  • Certificate of Achievement in Illustration (14 Units)
  • Certificate of Achievement in Online and Blended Instruction (15 Units)
  • Certificate of Achievement in Veterinary Assisting (12.5 Units)


Career Certificate [Non-Transcriptable]

  • Financial Accounting (25 Units)
  • Tax Accounting (27 Units) 

Certificate of Proficiency [Non-Transcriptable]

  • Archaeology (12 Units)
  • Audio Post Production (16 Units)
  • Bookkeeping Specialist (17 Units)
  • Communication Studies (15 Units)
  • Cultural Anthropology (16 Units)
  • Cultural Resource Management (19-20 Units)
  • Electronic Music (16 Units)
  • Enrolled Agent Preparation (18 Units)
  • Game Audio (16 Units)
  • General Sociology (13-15 Units)
  • Medical Anthropology (16-17 Units)
  • Music and Medicine Certificate of Proficiency (16 Units)
  • Music Business (16 Units)
  • Payroll Preparation (9 Units)
  • Physical Anthropology (13 Units)
  • Pro Tools Certificate of Proficiency (16 Units)
  • Social Welfare (22-23 Units)
  • Songwriting (16 Units)
  • Tax Specialist (14 Units)


Certificate of Specialization [Non-Transcriptable]

  • Communications Studies (20 Units)
  • Early Childhood Education (25 Units)
  • Inclusion and Children with Special Needs (24 Units)
  • School-Age Child Care (25 Units)


Skills Certificate [Non-Transcriptable]

  • Photo Criticism (12 Units)


Full Program Curriculum descriptions are published in the Foothill Online College Course Catalog.

Program Curriculum Information sheets provide the Program Title and Description as well as Career Opportunities, Units required for Major and Units required for Certificate. Additional information can include; Associate Degree Requirements, Program Type(s), Core Course titles and units, Elective Course titles and units, Certificate information titles and units, Academic Year, and Program Status.