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AA Transfer Psychology

Program Description

The Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer degree is designed to prepare students for transfer to local California State Universities (CSUs). Students who complete the Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer degree will be ensured preferential transfer status to local CSUs as Psychology majors and majors in related disciplines. The Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer degree requirements will fulfill the lower division major requirements at many local CSUs. Students are advised, however, to meet with a counselor to assess the course requirements for specific local CSUs and to validate which CSUs are considered local.

The Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer degree will enable students to develop a strong foundation in research methods, statistics, and biological aspects of behavior, and will also offer a wide variety of elective courses in psychology and other related fields for students to develop a broad knowledge base of human behavior. In addition, students will develop strong critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills that will prepare them for the requirements of upper division course work.

Learn more about the program on the Psychology website.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to recognize the diversity of behavior of various populations and be able to explain, interpret, apply, and evaluate a broad base of concepts in the various fields of psychology.

Students will be able to apply critical thinking skills and psychological theories to real-world situations, and to be able to apply research methodology and data analysis in the process of answering questions about human behavior.

Career Opportunities

An Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer degree also allows students to pursue careers with a psychological focus, and instills lifelong learning skills from their knowledge and understanding of the applicability of psychological principles in every day life. This program emphasizes the importance of global citizenship by teaching multicultural and biopsychosocial perspectives in our courses.

Units Required

Major: 28-30

Associate Degree Requirements

Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer requires completion of a minimum of 90 units to include:

  • CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or the *Intersegmental Genearl Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) 49-58 units (full certification is required)
  • Core and suppport courses (28-30 units, of which 28-30 units may satisfy the GE requirement)
  • Transferable electives necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Although it is possible to fulfill the requirements for the Associate Degree for Transfer by completing the IGETC for UC pattern, admission to CSU requires completion of an Oral Communication course (IGETC Area 1C; CSU GE Area A-1); therefore, students who plan to transfer to CSU should complete this course as part of their GE or elective units.

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be completed with a grade of "C" (or "P") or better. In addition, the student must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Online Courses for Psychology AAT

The courses listed BELOW are offered as online courses at least once every two years. Please see the Class Schedule for verification.

NOTE: Students having difficulty attaining an associate degree because of timing or availability of classes should consult with a counselor to submit a petition for course substitution.

Core and Support Courses

Core Courses

PSYC 1 General Psychology 5
or PSYC 1H Honors General Psychology 5
PSYC 7 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 5
or SOC 7 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences 5
or MATH 10 Elementary Statistics 5
PSYC 10 Research Methods & Designs 5
And ONE of the following:
PSYC 4 Introduction to Biopsychology 5

 Support Courses (8-10 units)

Select ONE course each from List A and List B; any course that was not selected from List A may also be used to satisfy List B.

List A
ENGL 1B Composition, Critical Reading & Thinking through Literature 5
or ENGL 1BH Honors Composition, Critical Reading & Thinking through Literature 5
MATH 1A Calculus 5
PSYC 14 Child & Adolescent Development 4
PSYC 30 Social Psychology 4
or SOC 30 Social Psychology 4
PSYC 40 Human Development 5
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 5
or SOC 1H Honors Introduction to Sociology 5
 List B
ANTH 2A Cultural Anthropology 4
or ANTH 2AH Honors Cultural Anthropology 4
PSYC 2 Cultural Psychology 4
PSYC 9 Positive Psychology 4
PSYC 21 Psychology of Women: Sex & Gender Differences 4
or WMN 21 Psychology of Women: Sex & Gender Differences 4
PSYC 22 Psychology of Prejudice & Discrimination 4
PSYC 25 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology 4
PSYC 33 Introduction to Personality Psychology 4
PSYC 39 Psychology of Sports 4
PSYC 49 Human Sexuality 4
Total Units   28-30

Note that this is a list of fully online courses that satisfy degree requirements.

For a list of on-campus courses that satisfy degree requirements, please visit  Associate Degree for Transfer-Psychology 2023-2024.

Based on the 2023 - 2024 degree program.