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Online Degrees & Certificates

AA in Music Technology

The Music Technology Program offers an Associate in Arts degree and Certificates of Achievement in Music Technology, Game Audio, and Pro Tools. Additional certificates include Electronic Music, Game Audio, Audio Post Production, Songwriting and Music Business. Our degree and certificates can be completed on campus, online or any combination. This program prepares the student for a career in recording arts, music production, electronic music, game audio, audio post, marketing and merchandising, concert promotion, online delivery, and many other multimedia-based career options. The Music Technology Program is one of the largest in California and the first step in pursuing a career in the entertainment and media industry. Foothill College is an Avid Learning Partner integrating Pro Tools curriculum into our recording arts coursework and offers Avid Certification. We also offer training on Wwise and FMOD, the industry standard middleware applications for in game audio.

The Music Technology curriculum offers students the option to design their course of study to meet their needs. Support courses can come out of music or related fields like media studies, radio broadcasting, photography or graphic design. Because all of these fields are very closely related today, the student can focus on the secondary area that reflects their individual interests and goals. Traditional musical skills are not required for any Music Technology course. The student does not have to read traditional musical notation and does not have to be a performer on any instrument. In fact, all musical styles are welcome, from hip hop to classical, jazz to dub step, musical styles from other cultures and everything in between. It is our goal to give each student the opportunity to succeed based on their own talent and hard work, not any traditional models. All of our courses are transferable to CSU and many transfer to UC as well. Courses are offered during the day and evening, as well as online, to fit each student's scheduling needs. Online courses can be completed at the student's own pace and may be taken at home, or in the I.D.E.A. Center at Foothill if the student wishes.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students who complete the traditional transfer course sequence will be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding in the three emphases identified by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM): music history/literature, composition/theory, and performance.
  • Students who complete the vocational program will also be able to demonstrate knowledge, skills and understanding in the areas of music business, technology and contemporary popular music literature and composition/engineering identified by the program's board of advisors.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities in the music and media industry have never been more diverse or plentiful as they are today. Students have the opportunity to enter the industry in a variety of positions. Positions are available to qualified artists and professionals in Music, Audio Post-Production, Game Audio, Television, Radio, Recording Arts and a host of other areas. Due to the phenomenal growth of new media and the communication available via the internet, opportunities exist literally anywhere the student chooses.

Associate Degree Requirements

Units required for Major: 52
English proficiency:
ENGL 1A, 1AH, 1S & 1T, or equivalent.
Mathematics proficiency: MATH 105, 108 or any MATH course approved for Foothill GE Area V, Communication & Analytical Thinking.

A minimum of 90 units is required to include

  • Completion of one of the following general eduation patterns:
    • Foothill General Education
    • CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or
    • the Intersegmental Genearl Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
  • Core courses (40 units)
  • Support courses (12 units)
  • Additional elective course work may be necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement for the associate degree.

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be taken for a letter grade. In addition, a grade of "C" or better is required for all core and support courses used for the degree or certificates.

Online Courses for Music Technology

The courses listed BELOW are offered as online courses at least once every two years. Please see online Schedule of Classes for verification.

NOTE: Students having difficulty attaining an associate degree because of timing or availability of classes should consult with a counselor to submit a petition for course substitution.

Core Courses (40 units)

MTEC 50A Introduction to Music Technology 4
MTEC 51A Studio Recording I 4
or MTEC 60A Producing in the Home Studio I 4
MTEC 52A Mixing & Mastering I 4
MTEC 53A Audio Plug-Ins & Signal Processing 4
MTEC 55A Introduction to Game Audio 4
MTEC 57A Sound Design for Film & Video 4
MTEC 62A Composing & Producing Electronic Music I 4
MTEC 70A Pro Tools 101-Avid Certification 4
And TWO courses from the following:
MTEC 49 History of Music Technology 4
MUS 9B Music & Media: Hendrix to Hip-Hop 4
MUS 11B Funk, Fusion & Hip-Hop 4
MUS 11D History of Electronic Music: Origins-1970 4
MUS 11E History of Electronic Music: 1970-Present 4


Support Courses (12 units)

MTEC 49 * History of Music Technology 4
MTEC 51B Studio Recording II 4
MTEC 51C Studio Recording III 4
MTEC 52B Mixing & Mastering II 4
MTEC 53B Audio Plug-Ins & Virtual Instruments 4
MTEC 54A Music Theory for Audio Producers 4
MTEC 55B Advanced Sound Design for Games 4
MTEC 55C Music Composition for Games 4
MTEC 57B Surround Sound Production 4
MTEC 60A * Producing in the Home Studio I 4
MTEC 60B Producing in the Home Studio II 4
MTEC 62B Composing & Producing Electronic Music II 4
MTEC 62C Composing & Producing Electronic Music III 4
MTEC 66A Music Video Production 4
MTEC 70B Pro Tools 110-Avid Certification 4
MTEC 70C Pro Tools 201-Avid Certification 4
MTEC 70D Pro Tools 210M-Avid Certification 4
MTEC 70E Pro Tools 210P-Avid Certification 4
MTEC 70F Pro Tools 310M-Avid Certification 4
MTEC 70G Pro Tools 310P-Avid Certification 4
MTEC 72A Producing Music with Reason 4
MTEC 72B Producing Music with Ableton Live 4
MTEC 72C Producing Music with Logic Pro X 4
MTEC 80A Music Business 4
MTEC 80B Entertainment Law & New Media 4
MTEC 80C Basics of Music Publishing 4
MTEC 82A Careers in Music Technology 4
MTEC 82B Marketing Your Music 4
MTEC 82C Introduction to the Video Game Business 3.5
MTEC 84A Music & Medicine 4
or MUS 83A Music & Medicine 4
MTEC 88A Songwriter's Workshop 4
MTEC 88B Modern Song Composition 4
MTEC 88C Advanced Song Structure 4
MUS 7F Music in Film 4
MUS 11D * History of Electronic Music: Origins-1970 4
MUS 11E * History of Electronic Music: 1970-Present 4
MUS 11F Video Games & Popular Culture 4
or MDIA 13 Video Games & Popular Culture 4
MDIA 1 Introduction to Film Studies 4
or MDIA 1H Honors Introduction to Film Studies 4
MDIA 11 Introduction to Popular Culture 4
MDIA 20 Fundamentals of Media Production 4
MDIA 30 Digital Video Editing I 4

* May be completed only once for credit to satisfy either the core or support course requirements.

Note that this is a list of fully online courses that satisfy degree requirements.

For a complete list of degree requirements, please visit Music Technology 2019-2020 in Degree & Certificates.

Based on the 2019 - 2020 degree program.