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Frequently Asked Questions (Faculty)

1. How do I get started teaching online at Foothill College?

First, review information about how to get started as a new online instructor in our Online Faculty Handbook.

Next, get certified to use Canvas by signing up for Canvas Certification training.

Then, coordinate with your Division dean about scheduling your first online course. Finally, submit a request to get your live Canvas course site set up.

Each quarter, new live sites are set up in coordination with faculty, Online Learning Dean Judy Baker, and the Canvas Project Staff. Details are provided at

Course Site Request Process.

2. Is there a Welcome Message template I can use for my students?

You are encouraged to send a Welcome message to your enrolled students BEFORE each quarter starts. Feel free to download and customize our 

Welcome Message template.

3. How do I use the campus wireless connection to the Internet?

The Foothill College wireless network segment provides wireless network service to those who have a relationship with the District. Anyone with a Student ID or Employee ID has the ability to use this wireless network. Use the PIN number for the password.

More details are available at ETS.

4. What if I want my online students to take a proctored test but they don't live near Foothill College?

If a student does not live in the Bay Area and needs proctored testing:

Check for the location of an assessment center nearby.

For more details, see Testing Services.

5. What should I do if I have problems with MyPortal?

First, check the Quick Start pdf.

Next, look over the MyPortal Guides.

If that doesn't help, please submit a Ticket to the Call Center that details the problem you are experiencing. For best results, get a screen capture (click on Print Screen button and paste to a document) of any error message that you see and send it to the Call Center.

6. How do I report a problem with MyPortal?

To report technical problems with MyPortal,

Submit Technical Problem Report Form.

7. How can I submit forms for Grade Change, Incompletes, Late Add/Reinstate, and EOPS Progress Report?

Faculty can use MyPortal to

  • Submit Drop/Withdrawal requests
  • Submit grades
  • Accept contracts
  • Generate Add Codes
  • Print rosters
  • Download printable versions of:
    • Part-time Faculty Paid Office Hours form
    • Incomplete Contract form
    • Grade-change form

8. Where can I find out more about the resources offered in MyPortal?

Foothill Human Library

We're Here to Help!

Online Learning

Room 3534