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Canvas Learning Tool Integrations (LTI)

Learn how to integrate the following LTIs into your Canvas course.

Note: The following LTIs have been integrated into Canvas. This means that they are accessible from the list of external tools. You do NOT need to add them as a third party app. To use them in an assignment, select External Tool as the Submission Type. Click the search button and then choose the LTI from the list of external tools.

Technical Support

McGraw-Hill Technical Support
Pearson MyLab and Mastery
Technical Support is tailored by product and it is best to go through the general support links, select product, then click on Canvas.


Video Conferencing/Captioning/Embedding

More Canvas Guides

Learn how to register for publisher course materials

If your instructor is using publisher material, you will have to register to access it. The following videos walk you through the registration process.


Pearson MyLab and Mastery


  • VoiceThread - Learn how to use it and gets some troubleshooting tips

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Last Updated June 05, 2017
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