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Online Degrees & Certificates

AA Child Development

The Child Development Program is an academic and vocational training program that prepares students for future work as early childhood educators in diverse early childhood settings. Courses and certificates are designed to meet entry-level requirements for the level of work chosen and/or meet the requirements needed to obtain a California Child Development Permit to become an Assistant Teacher, Associate Teacher, Teacher, Master Teacher and/or Site Supervisor in state licensed, publicly funded, center-based child care and development programs. Students planning to transfer to a four-year university as a child development or related major may be able to apply some child development units toward the lower division major preparation requirements or qualify for the AS-T in Early Childhood Education. Please see a Foothill counselor for more information.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the needs and characteristics of children from birth through middle childhood, and the multiple influences on their development as related to the high-quality care and education of young children.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of ethical standards and professional behaviors that deepen knowledge and commitment to the field of early care and education as related to National Association for the education of young children Code of ethical Conduct.

Career Opportunities

The Child Development program is an academic and vocational training program which prepares students for future work as early childhood educators in diverse early childhood settings. Coursework and certificates meet professional requirements for work in early childhood programs. Students wishing to pursue careers in related fields such as human development, child psychology, social work, and primary education should see a counselor to determine the transfer requirements of specific four-year universities.

Associate Degree Requirements

Units required for Major: 49
English proficiency: ENGL 1A, 1AH, 1S & 1T, or equivalent.
Mathematics proficiency: MATH 105, 108 or any MATH course approved for Foothill GE Area V, Communication & Analytical Thinking.

A minimum of 90 units is required to include

  • Completion of one of the following general eduation patterns:
    • Foothill General Education
    • CSU General Education Breadth Requirements or
    • the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)
  • Core courses (43 units)
  • Support courses (6 units)
  • Additional elective course work may be necessary to meet the 90-unit minimum requirement for the associate degree.

NOTE: All courses pertaining to the major must be taken for a letter grade. In addition, a grade of "C" or better is required for all core and support courses used for the degree or certificates.

Online Courses for Child Development

The courses listed BELOW are offered as online courses at least once every two years. Please see online Schedule of Classes for verification.

 NOTE: Students having difficulty attaining an associate degree because of timing or availability of classes should consult with a counselor to submit a petition for course substitution.


Core Courses (43 units)

CHLD 1 Child Growth & Development: Prenatal through Early Childhood 4
CHLD 2 Child Growth & Development II: Middle Childhood through Adolescence 4
CHLD 8 Child, Family & Community 4
CHLD 51A Affirming Diversity & Assesment 4
CHLD 56 Observation & Assessment 4
CHLD 56N Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children 4
CHLD 86A Mentoring the Early Care & Eductation Professional 4
CHLD 86B Practicum Student Teaching in an Early Childhood Program 5
CHLD 88B Positive Behavior Management 2
CHLD 89 Curriculum for Early Care & Education Programs 4
CHLD 95 Health, Safety & Nutrition in Children's Programs 4

Support Courses (6 units)

Select at least Six units from the following:
ANTH 2A Cultural Anthropology 4
or ANTH 2AH Honors Cultural Anthropology 4
CHLD 50A Observation & Assessment 3
CHLD 53NC Curriculum for Early Care & Education Programs 3
CHLD 59 Working with School-Age Children 3
CHLD 90B Administration & Supervision of Children's Programs Part I 4
CHLD 90C Administration & Supervision of Children's Programs Part II 4
ENGL 8 Children's Literature 4
PSYC 14 Child & Adolescent Development 4
SOC 40 Aspects of Marriage & Family 4

Note that this is a list of fully online courses that satisfy degree requirements.

For a list of on-campus courses that satisfy degree requirements, please visit  Child Development 2019-2020 Degrees & Certificates.

Based on the 2019 - 2020 degree program.