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Child Development

How to Get Started

I want to be a new student at Foothill? What do I do next?

  1. Start by going to Apply and Register to apply for admission to Foothill College.
  2. When you submit your application, you will receive a Campus Wide ID (CWID). Using your CWID you can Register for classes on
  3. Follow the Guidelines to search for classes and register for the classes you want.

Which classes should I take first?

    • For a fast look at the Child Development courses offered this quarter. See the schedule of classes for a listing and description.
    • View the power point slide presentation for guidelines about which courses to take first. Hint: Start with CHLD 56N or CHLD 8 first.
    • If you are looking for the "12 ECE units" demanded in the early childhood workforce you'll need to take our fundamental courses, CHLD 56N, 8, 89, 1 and 88B (preferably in this order). Taking CHLD 56N first will help you understand the field and its requirements! See the schedule.
    • When you have made a decision, log onto MyPortal with your CWID and register for the class you want.
    • Also consider our Apprenticeship Program!

I have questions about registration.

Still have questions?


Steps for gettting started in CHLD

Located at the Foothill College Sunnyvale Center

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