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Child Development

Child Development Training Consortium

ECE Student and Career Education Program

Qualified Foothill College students can receive reimbursement for units taken in child development and general education.

Funding information will be distributed each quarter based on the number of units completed by eligible applicants.

Access to this program is available to eligible students who are pursuing careers in child care/development. You should be notified of application deadlines by your instructors throughout the school year. Contact the CDTC Campus Coordinator, Maria Dominguez at with any questions regarding the grants.

This program is available to fund specific educational costs at 96 community colleges throughout California, including Foothill College.

Each CDTC Campus Coordinator works with their local advisory committee to develop plans for the use of CDTC funds. Therefore, the use of CDTC funding can vary from college to college.

Foothill College uses CDTC Funds to reimburse students toward the expenses of enrollment fees, tuition and/or textbooks.

Educational Support Grant priorities

(as listed on the CDTC website)

Priority 1: Employees of all direct-funded CDSS/CDE programs including center- based programs and family child care network programs or center- based programs with satellite family child care providers. This also includes co-located Head Start Programs. Employees of any program, center-based or licensed family child care homes, that serve children on a voucher basis for Alternative Payment services. Employees of all other programs including center-based and licensed family child care homes are eligible.

Priority 2: Students who are not currently employed (as described in the above Priority 1 requirement) and enrolled in at least a three-unit ECE/CD Practicum/Student Teaching course.

Additional eligibility criteria is included in the online application.

Grant funding (to support tuition and/or textbook costs) is based on submission of a complete application, the number of eligible students and successful completion of courses with a grade of "C" or better. Eligible courses could include ECE/Child Development course work, general education course work, remedial courses and child development work experience (general work experience course excluded). Limited funding is first come, first served

You can confirm your eligibility, by checking in here with the CDTC eligibility tool.


Located at the Foothill College Sunnyvale Center

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Child Development Department


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