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Child Development

Careers in Child Development and Education


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 Our next college-wide career fair is virtual and on May 7th, register here to meet our students.


Career Information

There are many career and employment opportunities working with children in a variety of settings. Our students have found career opportunities in many areas including:

  • Teachers and directors in child development programs for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children
  • Family child care educator
  • Elementary school teacher
  • Parent educator
  • Childbirth educator
  • Resource specialists in schools
  • Nanny or Au Pair
  • Classroom instructional aide
  • Social work postions
  • Teacher of children with disabilities, learning or behavioral challenges
  • Child development instructor 

The California Department of Education, Career Pathways, Child Development & Education has even more information on the numerous career opportunities related to children and education

Educational Occupation Profiles in Santa Clara County


Career & Employment Opportunities


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Careers in Elementary Education

Careers in Special Education

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