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Child Development

Child Development Permits

What are Child Development Permits?

Child Development Permits are credentials awarded by the State of California. Employers may require their employees to have permits, or may find employees with permits highly desirable.

Permits are available at various levels. Each level has one or more ways to qualify. Individuals must meet all of the requirements listed in one of the available options. Individuals should review all available options and complete the one that best reflects their own education and/or experience.

Levels of the Child Development Permit

  • Child Development Assistant Permit
  • Child Development Associate Teacher Permit
  • Child Development Teacher Permit
  • Child Development Master Teacher Permit
  • Child Development Site Supervisor Permit
  • Child Development Program Director Permit
    (from the CTC website)

How can I get help?

  • Do you have questions about what classes to take?
  • Do you need to know what level you qualify for?
  • Do you need help setting a permit goal?
  • Are you confused by the application process?

You can contact Nicole Kerbey, our CA Child Development Permit Advisor (and full-time instructor) for guidance!

She can advise you via e-mail, over the phone, or by appointment to see her in person. Email her today at


  • See the Child Development Permit Matrix for qualifications.









Q: What is "supervised field experience"?

Ans: Supervised Field Experience requirements are met by taking CHLD 86B Practicum Student Teaching


Q: Can I use paid experience instead of taking this course?

Ans: No. The state requires that you spend time under a mentor teacher through the taking of a Practicum course. It MAY be possible for you to complete these hours at your workplace. Email Nicole with more questions.



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