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Child Development

Elementary Teacher Education Program

Become an Elementary School Teacher, Start at Foothill!

Program Map

See the Elementary Teacher Education, AA-T Program Map to plan your courses!

Fall 2023- Consider adding:

MATH 42-CRN:  21736 T/TH evenings- Offered every other Fall only

EDUC 2- 20682 -Offered every Fall only


Winter 2024- Consider adding:

PSE 20 CRN 31624

- Meets T/TH evenings in-person. Offered every other Winter only

ENG 16 CRN 30674

- Online/ asynchronous. Offered every Winter only

HIST 3A CRN 30544

-Online/ asynchronous. Offered every Winter only



Learning Outcomes

After completing the Elementary Teacher Education program, you will be able to: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the teaching profession including requirements and evaluation of effectiveness
  • Identify major economic, political, and social policies that have affected the American school system
  • Describe curriculum and instruction, including development and desig

TK/ PK3 Qualifications

If you're a credentialed teacher, looking to take ECE/CHLD classes in order to qualify to teach Transitional Kindergarten or earn the PK3 Credential, read on!

Here is a list of core courses that we would recommend for someone with no ECE units earned so far. They appear in the order we would recommend a student would take them, though they really can be taken in any order.

CHLD 56N Principles & Practices of Teaching Young Children 4

CHLD 8 Child, Family & Community 4

CHLD 88B Positive Behavior Management 2                                   

CHLD 1 Child Growth & Development: Prenatal through Early Childhood 4

CHLD 89 Curriculum for Early Care & Education Programs 4       

CHLD 2 Child Growth & Development II: Middle Childhood through Adolescence 4

CHLD 51A Affirming Diversity in Education 4

CHLD 95 Health, Safety & Nutrition in Children's Programs 4      

CHLD 56 Observation & Assessment 4                                              

CHLD 86A Mentoring the Early Care & Education Professional 4  


These are quarter unit classes, and equal 38 quarter units or 25 1/3 semester units.

If you have previous coursework in ECE, or are questioning what you've already taken, you are welcome to contact Nicole Kerbey to work out a plan that's right for you.

Also, to find out more about current TK/PK# teaching requirements, see
It is also recommended that you are working with your district and/or County Office of Education on your specific status.

Located at the Foothill College Sunnyvale Center

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