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Summer Bridge English Program

Boost Your English & College Success Skills in Two Weeks

Summer 2024 Schedule

Monday, July 15–Thursday, July 25 (Two Weeks)

Note: This is a fully online, non-credit, no-cost program.

Meet ONLINE in Zoom TWTh at 3:00-4:50 p.m.,  plus 3 hours per week of engaging asynchronous online activities in Canvas.

To participate, register for NCEN 400 English Bridge, CRN 10815.

Why Join English Summer Bridge?

Did you know?

Students who complete English 1A in their first year of college are more likely to succeed in their academic journey.

  • ENGL 1A helps you gain skills and practice in critical reading, critical thinking, and argumentative writing. In other words, it helps you express your ideas in response to the ideas of others!
  • At Foothill, all students can take English 1A , first-year composition, starting their very first quarter.
  • Students with a GPA up to 2.59 take ENGL 1A with a co-requisite support section – a class that meets 2 hours per week to help you succeed in the English 1A class.
  • **Students who take the English Summer Bridge will be qualified to take English 1A without the corequisite support class starting in fall.

Take this class if you want . . .

  • An opportunity to practice reading, writing, and critical thinking, setting a solid foundation for English 1A.
  • To understand how to improve your reading and writing in your other classes, such as Psychology, Political Science, and History.
  • An introduction or refresher about some important resources at the college, such as our Writing and Language Center.
  • To learn about opportunities for campus engagement, such as our Research and Service Leadership Symposium.
  • To meet other students and participate in a community of peers.
  • And, you want to take ENGL1A without the corequisite support class**

Registration Is Easy

  1. Apply for Foothill College and follow the instructions to activate your student ID number and MyPortal account
  2. Complete your Guided Placement Assessment (suggested)
  3. Register for Non-Credit English Bridge NCEN 400, CRN 10815 in MyPortal

If you have any questions about this year's English Summer Bridge, contact Professor Kimberly Escamilla at

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