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Summer Bridge English Program

Boost Your English & College Success Skills in Two Weeks

Summer 2023 Program Schedule

Program Runs Aug. 28–Sept. 8

Class Meetings / Schedule
  • Tuesdays:  Meet In-Person 10 a.m.-3 p.m. (Main Foothill Campus, Room 6402)
  • Wednesdays/Thursdays: Meet Online Synchronous 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • Additional Asynchronous Independent Work online in Canvas

Register for NCEN 400: English Bridge

To attend, register for non-credit, no-cost NCEN 400, CRN 10975.

Why Join English Summer Bridge?

Prepare yourself for your first college English course and the full Foothill College experience, or refresh your reading and writing skills for success:

  • Spend time in a stimulating college environment
  • Gain access to on campus and virtual resources
  • Improve strategies for reading, writing, grammar, and study skills
  • Develop strategies for success in all college classes
  • Boost confidence to succeed in your fall classes
  • Participate in enriching campus activities
  • Get free course textbooks 
  • Understand and build upon your strengths 
  • Explore the majors and pathways of study to plot your path forward
  • Engage in community building and service leadership opportunities


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You're Eligible for Summer Bridge If

  • You're a first-time college student enrolling at Foothill.
  • You have completed the guided self-placement for Foothill College and have received a recommendation to take ENGL 1A with the Co-requisite.
  • You're a high school graduate and have not yet completed an English class at Foothill College.
  • You're a high school student interested in doing Dual Enrollment at Foothill.
  • You're a community member considering a return to college.
  • You're a current Foothill student who needs to retake English 1A. 
  • You want to refresh your English skills and prepare for college courses in English and other disciplines emphasizing reading and writing.
  • You want to develop strategies for success and share them with others.

Registration Is Easy

  1. Apply for Foothill College and follow the instructions to activate your student ID number and MyPortal account
  2. Complete your Guided Placement Assessment (suggested)
  3. Register for Non-Credit English Bridge NCEN 400, CRN 10975 in MyPortal

If you have any questions about English Bridge or need assistance, contact Prof. Allison Herman:

Meet Allison Herman

We're Here to Help!

Allison Herman