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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

Presenter Selection Process

Committee Review by March 25, 2024

A committee of Foothill faculty and staff from diverse academic disciplines and roles will select the presenters.

Here is the process that they will follow:

  1. The application, consisting of all the proposal content (title, proposal, methodology, resources) is evaluated by each reader.

  2. Each reader reviews every proposal independently and ranks it "accept", "conditional" or "not accepted." In addition, if the proposal falls into the reader's academic discipline, s/he carefully reviews and checks the references to be sure they are of high quality.

  3. The committee meets and discusses the proposals. Any proposal which received unanimous votes to "accept" is automatically accepted. Similarly, any proposal which received unanimous "not accepted"  will not move forward to this year's Symposium. Applicants are encouraged to try again the following year.

  4. The committee will then discuss proposals which had split decisions and/or "conditional" votes and aim for consensus about which remaining proposals will be selected.

  5. Projects receiving "conditional status" will be allowed to make revisions in order to resubmit for approval and inclusion in the Symposium. These conditions must be met for final acceptance.

Look for the Smartsheet Email: March 25

All applicants will be informed of their status by March 25. If you do not receive an email from Allison Herman from Smartsheets, contact RSLS@fhda.edu


Application Closed for 2024

Research and Service Leadership Symposium 2023

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