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Research & Service Leadership Symposium

2021 RSL Symposium
Thursday, May 20

About the Symposium

The Research and Service Leadership Symposium provides students an opportunity to gain experience presenting in a professional conference setting on campus.  The event includes an awards ceremony, a keynote speaker, and presentations throughout the day.



What Types of Projects Qualify?

  1. Research Projects.  Any type of research project from any discipline is welcome.  For example, research that you’ve conducted for a research paper in any of your classes (from History to English, etc.) would qualify, as would any project in which you’ve collected original data.

  1. Service Leadership Projects.  We welcome any type of community service, political activism, or environmental justice project in which you are engaged with a community to solve a problem or to provide community enrichment.  The goal of service leadership projects is to become a leader or an engaged members in a community.

  1. New for 2020: Projects in the Arts. This year we are excited to be hosting an Arts Gallery on the day of the symposium.  Works in photography, painting, poety, and ceramics are welcome!

Be A Presenter

Foothill students and Foothill Faculty and Staff are welcome to apply.  You can apply individually or as a group.

Presentation Formats

Students can present their work at a poster session or as a 10 min. talk.   Faculty and staff are welcome to present 20 min. talks.

Learn more about presentation formats

Cash Prizes

Cash prizes of $100 will be awarded to each contributing member of the 5 highest quality/most impactful projects.  Winners will be selected based on the submitted application materials.

Applications Due March 19, 2021



Please contact Allison Herman at or Michael McCusker at, co-coordinators of the RSL Symposium.

RSL Symposium Mission Statement: The mission of this symposium is to catalyze student efforts to engage in scholarly research and service leadership projects. The guiding value of this symposium is that meaningful change in the world can be accomplished through empirical investigation, community engagement, and social, political and environmental activism.

This event is sponsored by the President's Office as part of Foothill's 2018-2019 Strategic Objectives ( E²SG) — Enrollment and Equity, Service Leadership, and Governance.


Videographer credits: Jane Kong, Dora Lohas, Jason Allen



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Please contact us!

Allison Herman & Michael McCusker, RSL Symposium Coordinators