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About Our Program

Pass the Torch helps at-risk students earn the highest potential grade in a specific course so they can advance to the next level.

We link students who excel in English, English for Second-Language Learners (ESLL) and math with students who want support in these same core classes.

Students are matched into one-on-one study teams.

Each team consists of a team Leader (Tutor) and a team Member (Tutee). The two-person team is matched according to their time availability, meets for the entire quarter and works together in the specific subject in which the member is enrolled.

Learn how to join a study team as a member or leader.

Our Basic Approach

  • Pass The Torch respects each student’s individuality.
  • Our students come from a wide variety of economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • They work together in teams to strive for the highest possible grade for each individual member.

Our Primary Goals

  • To see that every student in Pass The Torch has the opportunity of success regardless of his or her past educational experiences.
  • To see our students move on to higher levels of education using Pass The Torch as a stepping stone.
  • To create a place on campus of pride, respect and yes, even fun.

Our Core Values  

Teamwork •  Commitment • Communication            

Pass The Torch − with its unique one-on-one study team emphasis − has proven itself quarter after quarter to be a program that makes a difference in Foothill College students’ academic success.

92% Fall 2016 English Success Rate

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