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STEM Success Center

About the STEM Center

 If you're studying science, technology, engineering, math, accounting or economics, we have knowledgeable tutors who can help.  All services in the STEM Center are free. 

Study Lab Areas and Hours

The center is divided into six areas of study, referred to as "STEM Center Labs".

See what's offered and hours for each

Using the STEM Center Foundations Lab

Please follow the following steps when visiting the STEM Center Foundations Lab (Room 4201). 

  1. Log In When You Arrive.
  2. Simply raise your hand to request help.
  3. Remember to LOG OUT when you leave.

Using the STEM Center Main Lab

Please follow the following steps when visiting the STEM Center Main Lab (Room 4213).

    1. Log in and out by typing your Campus-wide ID (CWID) number on the terminals at the main entrance near the student worker’s desk. If you don’t have a PSME (Physical Sciences, Math, Engineering) major, please sign in on the clipboard on the main desk.
    2. Click on Study/Tutoring. 
    3. Please remember to LOG OUT when you leave.
    1. To get help with astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and biology, request a tutoring session.
      1. Go to the Tutor Request terminal 
      2. Type in your CWID (Student ID)
      3. Enter your field of study
      4. Return to your seat and wait for the next available staff member to call your name and assist you.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Tutoring in the Foundations Lab and Computer Science Lab is by drop-in session.

Use of Equipment and Supplies

Scratch Paper

 There is scratch paper on each table.  Please recycle all used scratch paper, and put them in the boxes by the front door.


Students can use the center's computers to solve problems in their homework assignments.  The computers are loaded with Excel, Minitab, Word, Mathematica, Graphical Analysis, Self-Paced Math Tutorial, and Geometer's Sketchpad software applications and various other software. 


Speak to the STEM Center Room 4213 Front Desk on how to get your userID and password to log in and print (for free)  from a STEM Center computer in Rooms 4213 and 4215. When you sign in and sign out (both are required), you will be allocated 5 free pages per day, accumulative up to 20 pages.


Students can copy 5 pages per day at the cost of 10 cents each page. 

An Inviting and Comfortable Place

The STEM Center Main Lab is an inviting and comfortable place for students to  get help with astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology.

    • Want to grab lunch while you work?  We’ve got a microwave, and you are welcome to eat while you work with our instructors.
    • Need a quiet space?  We’ve got a place for that.  The Quiet  room, where no conversations or tutoring are permitted, to accomodate students that need a quiet area to study.
    • Need a private study space?  Our small study rooms allow for quiet conversation without distraction.
    • Need some help with a vexing problem?  Our instructors are scheduled throughout the day to help you one-on-one, and we can also schedule time to help your study group on a weekly basis.

Need to reach us?  Call the STEM Center front desk at 650.949.7042 or email Konstantin Kalaitzidis, STEM Center Instructional Support Technician,  at


STEM Center

2019/Fall Schedule

Sep/23/Mon - Dec/13/Fri


STEM Center Main Lab
(Rm 4213)
Mon - Thu           9am - 9pm        
Fri 9am - 3pm
Sat 11am - 5pm
STEM Center Foundations Lab
(Rm 4201)
     Mon - Thu          9am - 7pm     
Fri 9am - 3pm
 (Important Dates)

Holiday,     Veterans Day


Last Day to drop with a "W"


Holiday, Thanksgiving


Final Exams


Last Day of 2019/Fall Qtr


Join a STEM Club!



There are 12 clubs within the STEM Division you can join. 

For information and schedule see:

Link TBD


2019/Summer  Bridge Math Program

Boost your Math confidence and improve your Math skills thru the Foothill College Summer Math Bridge Program. 

For information and schedule see: 


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