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SOAR Enrollment Workshops

Student Orientation, Assessment & Registration

Summer SOAR Workshops

SOAR workshops help new Foothill students to complete steps for access to  priority registration for Fall 2019.

We are working to confirm a SOAR date for July. If you are interested in attending, please email our Outreach Office at  so that we may invite you once the date and time is set!

If You Are Still in High School

If you are a Graduating High School Senior planning to attend Foothill in summer or fall, see if your high school includes Soar-on-the-Go sessions as listed below.

If you have already graduated from high school and are a New Student to Foothill  College, please continue to follow steps for priority registration for classes.


SOAR-on-the-Go is an outreach event at our local high schools designed to engage and enroll future, incoming freshmen students.

This event is perfect for graduating seniors who want priority registration status when attending Foothill College starting in the fall.

Locations, Dates & Times

Check back in Fall 2019 for schools, date and times.

Agenda & Action Items

SOAR-on-the-Go participants attend two sessions on different days, covering student orientation, application and registration process and includes the following action items:

Session 1: One Hour
  • Foothill Orientation
  • Complete Open CC Application
  • Complete questionnaire worksheet

Session 2: Two Hours
  • Bring Transcripts/Assessment
  • Get Counseling/Ed Plan
  • Receive Priority Registration

SOAR Student Orientation, Assessment & Registration

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