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MESA is new at Foothill College this summer 2023!

MESA logoMESA (Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement) supports a diverse population of transfer-ready students to advance their STEM educational journeys in 4-year university programs.

MESA @ Foothill is one of many community college programs all across the state of California, supporting students from underrepresented groups to succeed in STEM.

MESA Eligibility

Because MESA is a state-funded program, there are specific requirements to be eligible to become a MESA scholar:

  1. You must be enrolled at Foothill College.
  2. You must be planning to major in a STEM discipline - this includes such majors as biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, math, physics, and related majors (like biochemistry, computer engineering, etc.). 
  3. You must be planning to transfer to a four-year college to pursue a Bachelor's degree in a STEM discipline after your time at Foothill
  4. You must be eligible for financial aid through a variety of avenues. We'll help you figure this out!
  5. You must be what MESA calls "educationally disadvantaged" - this could mean you are a first generation college goer or your high school fell into a certain graduation and math performance rate. We'll help you figure this out!

We have closed the program form for the fall to manage an overwhelming positive response. More spots may open in the winter and spring. Stay tuned!

Even if you don't meet all these requirements, we have a larger community within MESA and SLI, and we hope you can get involved!

Benefits of Being a MESA Scholar

So what do you get out of being part of MESA? 

  • Invitation to join the PRE-STEM Summer Institute - a free 3 week summer program to get you ready for college. Application is now closed. Not required if you join MESA during the school year.
  • direct line to the MESA staff team who are ready to support you in your academic path at Foothill
  • become part of a community of MESA scholars who are supporting each other in the learning journey
  • access to academic workshops and tutoring customized for MESA Scholars
  • free academic supports like textbook vouchers, laptop and wifi hotspot loaners, free learning materials, and more
  • field trips to local companies, conferences, and transfer campuses

We are here to help YOU succeed in what can be a tough uphill climb!

Other MESA Programs

In the meantime, you can check out these other MESA programs that are affiliated with some of the local community colleges in this part of California. 

Meet Jovanah Arrington

I'm Here to Help!

Jovanah Arrington
MESA Program Coordinator


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