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Welcome to Winter!

SLI is a resource for STEM students at Foothill College. 

  • SLI hosts events to highlight the research and experiences of individuals in STEM, especially from underrepresented groups.
    • Friday, 1/28/22 - Dr .Mireille Kamariza will join us for our our STEM Equity Seminars for Owls to speak about her research on tuberculosis.
    • Friday, 2/4/22 - we welcome a panel of folks in health science careers to talk about their paths in our Diversity in STEM series. 
  • Check out SLI's STEM internships - opportunities for winter and summer that are launching now!
  • SLI has just launched an Instagram page! Please follow us to build our network!

Mission and Vision

The Science Learning Institute’s mission is to advance equity in STEM at Foothill College by supporting students from underrepresented groups in their academic and career pathways in STEM and through initiatives working with faculty, within the institution, and in partnership in the community.

Research shows that women, people with disabilities, and people from historically marginalized communities are underrepresented in STEM courses, STEM majors, and STEM-related companies. 

SLI's vision includes the following outcomes:

  • The number of STEM students from underrepresented groups at Foothill College increases through the programming of SLI.
  • STEM students leave Foothill College prepared for college and the workforce with the skills and experiences they have gained.
  • Local companies and institutions look to Foothill College when recruiting students with a STEM background. 

Our Programs

SLI Internships — summer and school year internships supported through scholarships.
PRE-STEM — a  learning community for students interested in majoring in a STEM field (formerly TechCore).

SLI -hosted events - SLI plans and collaborates on events for the Foothill campus to elevate issues of diversity and equity in STEM:

  • STEM Equity Seminars for Owl — join us for talks on equity, diversity, and inclusion issues in the STEM field, open to  all interested students, faculty, and staff.
  • Diversity in STEM- targeted at students, these are interactive presentations focused on issues of diversity and equity in STEM, from the voices of Foothill College alumni who are now in the workforce.

STEM Resources

STEM Scholarships — a listing of both Foothill sponsored and external scholarships available to STEM students

External Internships - tips and resources for external STEM internships available to community college STEM students.

STEM Outreach Events - workshops and sessions for students in STEM disciplines to learn and build community.


STEM Resources & Opportunities

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