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STEM Summer Camp

Our camp is open to middle school and high school students. Join us at Foothill College for a summer of fun, exploring scientific concepts through hands-on projects!

SUMMER CAMP 2018 registration is open. Registration will go through Foothill College Community Education.


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 ***Session offerings subject to change, webpage last updated June 24, '18***

 Middle School offerings for 2018:

Arduinos: Learn the basics of computer programming and circuits with fun Arduino kits. Students will develop transferable coding skills and learn basic physics concepts with hands-on projects. Using buttons, lights, and motors, playing with the physical circuitry helps to cement the theoretical concepts taught. The week ends with a final project of the student's choice: examples include making a piano, designing a simple video game, and building a combination safe. Two sessions available: (1) July 9-12, 1-4pm; (2) July 16-19, 1-4pm. Instructor: Anna Hawes

Forensic Science: Are you the next Sherlock Holmes? If solving crimes is your cup of tea, if CSI is your favorite show on TV, or even if you are only mildly interested in being called sciency, then this is the class where you need to be.  Students will: (1) Explore how forensic science is used in criminal investigations, with examples of forensic technology that are currently used in a crime lab; (2) Apply the principles of forensic science to a hypothetical crime; and (3) Use the scientific process to solve a fictional crime. Two sessions available: July 16-19, 9-noon; and (2) July 16-19, 1-4pm.  Instructor: Winnie Liang

STEM Explorer: When you grow up, do you want to be a rocket scientist & space explorer, forensic detective & crime-solver, codebreaker & computer programmer, or ecologist & wildlife explorer. If you answered ANY or ALL of the above options, you belong at our STEM Explorer summer program! Throughout the week, you will explore a variety of STEM fields, from building & testing model Mars Rover Landers to forensic lab analysis to ecosystem observations to codebreaking! Our program is packed full of hands-on challenges, experiments, and activities to excite every young scientist! Program is supported by Science from Scientist July 16-19, 9am-4pm.  Bring lunch or money to buy lunch. Instructor: Science from Scientists

Roller Coaster Science: What do riders at an amusement park feel and where are they when they feel it? And why do they feel those sensations? Learn the science behind the experiences you have when riding roller coasters and other attractions at a theme park. Build a model roller coaster using the principles learned at camp this week and sharpen up your science. July 9-12, 9-noon.  Instructor: Clarence Bakken


 High School Offerings for 2018:

Biotechnology: Biotechnology is the manipulation of living things, or their parts, to benefit society. This session will focus on skills and technologies utilized in the biotech industry. All activities will be hands-on with practical applications.  July 9-12, 9-noon;  July 9-12, 1-4pm; July 16-19, 9-noon. Instructor: Kristofer Orre. 

Chemistry of Cooking: Acid and bases, enzymes and proteins, crystals and gels. Chemical reactions take place every day in your kitchen. Learn about the science of cooking as we experiment with cookies, root beer, and more in this ultimate "play with your food" session. Please contact the program administrator, Lori Silverman, regarding any food-related allergies in advance. July 9-12, 9-noon. Instructor: Trevor McQueen

 Javascript: Build a game with HTML, CSS and Javascript!  Aspiring coders will learn the fundamentals of HTML and CSS to build a webpage, and then use Javascript create a simple game. July 16-19, 9-noon. Instructor: Pamela Price. 

Matlab: Simulations and software applications with MATLAB.  In this camp, we will develop a simulator to show cellular interactions.  We will start with an overview of the MATLAB programming language and environment and work on a bouncing ball simulation.  Over the week, we will continue to add elements to this simulation to mimic adhesive, clustering, and splitting behavior found in tissue formation.  Finally, we will use MATLAB's GUI development environment (GUIDE) to create a user interface for our simulation. Previous programming experience encouraged.  July 9-12, 9-noon.  Instructor Hyatt Moore

 Roller Coaster Science: During this camp, students will work with models of amusement park rides to learn how science concepts apply at amusement parks. They will gather data and do calculations to demonstrate acceleration, energy, forces, freefall and other important concepts. A final project will incorporate these concepts. July 9-12, 1-4pm.  Instructor: Clarence Bakken


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  ***sessions are subject to change***

STEM camps offered in the past

  • 3D Printing
  • Amusement Park Physics
  • Animation
  • Arduino
  • Biotechnology
  • Biomimicry
  • Build a Drone
  • Computer Programming and Game Design
  • C++
  • Forensic Technology
  • Hydroponics
  • Java
  • Matlab
  • Nanotechnology
  • Product Design
  • Python
  • Roller Coaster Technology
  • Chemistry of Cooking
  • The Science of Human Movement
  • Video Game Design I
  • Video Game Design II
  • Virtual Reality

Questions? Contact Lori Silverman at or at 650.949.7455.


Foothill hills


Lori Silverman, Ph.D. SLI Director


Building 4100 Room 4120


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