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Admitted International Students


Orientation for Spring 2019 quarter will take place March 13-15.  Your attendance to orientation is MANDATORY. If you don't attend orientation, you are at risk of having a later registration date during your first year at Foothill College and will not be able to get classes.  See orientation location and start time below.  Click here for campus map

  • Monday,  March 13- 9a.m. at the Testing & Assessment  Center (Student Services Bldg 8200, Room 8212)
  • Tuesday, March 14 & Wednesday, March 15- 10a.m. in the Hearthside Lounge (Bldg 2300, Room 2313).



Be sure to complete the Admitted Student Reply Form before your arrival.



At orientation, bring the following documents:

 1. A copy of the page in your passport where the United States Immigration placed a "stamp" to enter the country.

 2. A copy of your F-1 visa.

 3. A complete Health Statement Form 



Placement Testing

English/English for Second Learners and Math tests will be administered during orientation.  Please DO NOT schedule a placement test individually.


 Struggle with math?  Check out the Math Performance Success Program at Foothill.  It's easy to enroll and open to all Foothill students!








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